New cat and old cat not getting along at all?

Jenna RiceJenna Rice Member Posts: 29
I recently adopted a 3 year old female, just about a month ago. At first she and my 15 y.o. were doing okay, just a little hissing but no fights. Now though, she WILL NOT stop chasing him. It might not be a problem, except that the 15 year old has arthritis and all the chasing makes it so he can barely walk some days. He's then turned to biting me instead of channeling his anger into her, which isn't good either. New cat has also started peeing on my bed. I introduced them slowly at first, and I've tried separating and re-introducing slowly, but nothing seems to help, as soon as I'm not in the room staring at them she chases him around until he gets sore, and then he comes over and bites me, and I mean REALLY attacks me. I've also tried vetriscience and petco calming treats, and Feliway spray, but none of that helps either. What else can I do to help calm them down, and to help my 15 y.o. not be in so much pain?


  • Schagne VenterSchagne Venter Member Posts: 22
    Sounds like both your cats are very stressed out. The peeling on your bed is stress related. Cats are very territorial creatures and some just don't play nicely. Unfortunately it seems your older cat is being challenged by the new adult cat for the territory of your home, and neither is doing very well emotionally. You will have to separate them and create a safe space for your older cat where he can be free from the bullying of your new cat. Sometimes creating artificial "territories" like that can help by forcing the new cat to accept the older cats' space, but unfortunately it doesn't always work and you might simply need to keep them separated or to be around when they're around each other. Good luck.
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