If your cat trembles read this!!

my cat has been shaking for about 3 years. she's been to the vet with numerous tests with no answers. I've done so much research trying to figure it out. I finally found something about aflatoxins. We use corn cat liter and the brand checks for this prior to shipping it out. But aflatoxins grow with moisture. My cats urinate in the potty boxes, which of course is moisture. When I discovered this, I went straight to the pet store and got ground up walnut shells for cat litter and scribbed the cat boxes. The very next day she quit trembling. She has also lost weight and her back legs are very uncoordinated and if you look up the symptoms of aflatoxin she has them all. I also lost a cat from having a constant bloody nose and she went through a lot of testing and medicines to no avail. That is also a symptom. But the vets couldn't figure it out. I kept thinking it was mold and after finding this information, well, I was right. Wish I would've figured it out sooner. But please share this everywhere you can because we need to get the word out. Any grain cat litter can grow this aflatoxin, which can be fatal
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