My cat won't stop peeing on brand new carpet in newly finished room in basement

Hello! I am hoping to find some answers and help we finished a room in our basement a month ago. Our 13 year old kitty, Mika was very scared when we working on it because of all of the people and noise. She hid a lot. Once the construction was done, she went back to her normal self, in fact she loves this new room, she has brought her toys down here, she plays in here and sleeps in here, absolutely loves it. But we started to find pee spots on the floor of our brand new carpet. I took her to the vet to get her checked, and she was completely healthy. I went and got 2 feliway defusers, the feliway spray, and have been spraying the entire perimeter of where she is peeing at least once a day if not 2. I cleaned the spots, I tried natures miracle, a specially enzyme cleaner my vet gave me- enzyme T, and anti icky poo. None of them seem to work because I am continuously finding pee spots on the carpet. For about a week after finishing the room, there were no blinds on the windows so I thought maybe there was an animal she saw out there, but we put blinds on the windows 3 weeks ago, and the peeing has not changed. I put out 10 small bowls of food, and placed them all along the wall of where the pee is, thinking she wouldn't pee where her food is, that didn't work because she peed right next to one of the bowls. Last week she went 5 days with no pee, and I thought things were changing, but then on Sunday I found a spot, then again on Monday, and Tuesday. Tuesday I decided to take her to a different vet to get a full blood panel done, and another urinalysis, the vet was awesome but Mika is completely healthy. The vet recommended putting her on science diet C/D stress, and the vet said we should put a litter box in the room. So I have switched her food (slowly) and moved a litter box in the room, and took out the bowls of food. We had 1 good day with no pee, but today I woke up and found a pee spot. I am at a complete loss, I have no idea why she is peeing, and I have no idea how to stop it I feel like I have tried everything and am out of new ideas, I would greatly appreciate and ideas! Thank you!
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