My cat won't get along with my ferret?

My cat won't get along with my ferret? So today I got a new ferret, Naomi. I have had my cat, Candy, for almost three years now. She's always been fine around other animals. When my dogs come in my room, she's fine. If we bring in our outside cat, she's fine. She even doesn't pay attention to my bird when she's out. But my ferret is a different story! When I first got her a got her out of her cage, Candy was fine. She was just sniffing her, what a typical cat would do. So everything was fine. Then about an hour or two later, she started to hiss when Naomi got close. Now if I pick her up and go near Naomi's cage, she starts to growl and hiss. She's NEVER hissed or growled in the years I've had her. It surprised me that she did hiss. Now she won't stop hissing and won't go anywhere near Naomi. Is this a territorial thing? Will Candy get used to Naomi and stop? She doesn't try to attack her or anything, just hisses. But I'm afraid she won't stop. I don't want to get rid of either of them.
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