I have 3 cats and I live in a 1bdrm/1bath apt with me and my 6-month recent girlfriend.2 male cats are born from the same litter, 1 is neutered and completely declawed, Dozer, the other, Bubba, is un-neutered and has all four paws with full claws. the two have grown up together, 1 belonging to one roommate and the other cat, the other roommate from a previous living arrangemnet. 8 months ago, I adopted, Mitzy, a polydactyl, fully clawed female baby kitten. so far all three have lived fairly harmoniously with no issues, except for relative spraying from the un-neutered male, or an accident due to a dirty box. however, lately I have noticed odd behavior from all three with the issue at hand, landing at a puddle of pee, obviously from Mitzy (due to smell), on my girlfriends cloak. she has NEVER urinated outside the box before. a couple of days ago I noticed a standoff between the male cats at the entry to the walk-in closet which is only house to the litter box and is always left with the door propped open. Dozer, the declawed, neutered male seems to be guarding passage to the box and has even been observed "camping out" just inside the doorway for periods of minutes to hours, and once or twice, an entire day. im not quite sure who gets in and who doesn't. Lately all three have exhibited out-of-normal behavior, starting with Dozer and Bubba, I think, with poor Mitzy getting caught in the middle or maybe an entire problem differently, idk. we moved the litter box to the bathroom, uncovered it, and it stays open and well lit. hopefully this resolves the pee-pee issue which is so far currently, only an issue with Bubba's more-often-than normal spraying and Mitzy's isolated incident. is there a chance we could be experiencing kitty wars over the pooper? how should I resolve this? is this really the issue at hand or perhaps something else? any and all comments welcomed. Thx for your time and concern...
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