My lovely kitty goes really angry for no reason chase me when it happens and and won't relax - what

Hadas PoratHadas Porat Member Posts: 1
Hi My cat is a really loving kitty, but he started (maybe a year ago) getting these angry fits, every now and then. He will just become angry, and when it happens there is no walking away or calming him down. He starts this really pitchy wine and will follow you until he swipes or even jumps to swipe at you, and will keep on going for about a minute before you will manage to get away and he will relax again. It's like he turns into a different cat. Most advice of 'walk away' doesn't really help when he will chance you sometimes really jumping high and trying to get to you. It happens to me and my husband so not person specific. The best I manage to do is pick him up quickly talk to him softly which is hard when he looks like a mad cat and place him next to his food which sometimes turns his attention to it. He is an indoor outdoor cat and goes out during the day as he pleases, so he has plenty of stimulation and we play a lot as well. Help..

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  • BambergcatBambergcat Member Posts: 838 ✭✭✭
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    I taught my cat to bring his toy and he would get a treat. Now, if I don't do this, he gets upset. Did you train him to do anything a year ago. Your cat is trying to tell you something. He wants to play. He may not be getting enough stimulation since he is inside. Mine are inside and love chasing balls and other items. Instead of ignoring him, play with him. I know that you say that you play with him but he may need more. Is he the only one? I have two who love to chase each other around certain times of day. The rest of the day is spent sleeping. ...By the way, going outside can prove to be dangerous for cats. Be careful especially at night.
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    Don't try picking him up when he is angry that's going to upset him even more and never give him food because this encourages this bad behavior. You might want to go see a vet to check if he has any type of disease which he might have contracted from being outside. If he is fine then I would suggest to monitor your own behavior towards the cat and ask yourself these few simple questions. Are you giving him enough space? Is there anything new to the house that may have caused stress on to him? Is there a routine in the house because cats love routine.
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    I'll just suggest this one thing b/c the other two answers sound like they have good suggestions. I would suggest trying a Feliway diffuser—or a Feliway product. They have a spray. But I think it sounds like getting this plug-in diffuser and use it full time for a month. In case you aren't familiar with this, it is a synthetic copy of a pheromone that cats produce in their facial area. You've seen cats rubbing up against things, or people. It makes them feel they "own" that territory and gives them a comfortable "at home" feeling. They have a website and you can read about it. I've learned a lot from Jackson Galaxy about why cats get irritated, such as a neighboring cat hanging around outside. Vets have medication for cats with a chemical imbalance that is causing too much anxiety. You could try either one of these "chemical"solutions. I'm a scaredy cat and I'd run away from that cat and put a door between us. But Jackson says DON'T respond with fear. Good lucki!
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