If one cat is hissing at the other, should I interfere?

I have two cats, close in age, Selina and Kyle. Selina is a female, slightly older and slightly smaller. Kyle is a bit younger male but he's bigger and stronger. Selina was not happy when Kyle showed up at first, but we spent several weeks introducing them and they cohabitate the apartment just fine. But, on a daily basis, they will play and Kyle will overpower Selina. She will growl and hiss and yell and run but he doesn't back down. Usually I have to yell at him to make him leave her alone. I read about bullying but he doesn't keep her out of areas or frighten her; they clean each other, lay together, and sometimes play without aggression. But I just hate hearing Selina meowing and crying as loudly as she does so I want to know how to fix the situation. I've tried to do more to recognize Kyle as the dominant one-he gets fed first and gets his treats first, but I yell at him more because of what he does to her. (and they already have a cat tree, separate litter boxes, and food bowls)
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