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  • MILO_BLUE_EYESMILO_BLUE_EYES Member Posts: 16,430 ✭✭✭✭

    No, @Caspurr it izn't what once waz here. Dere jus' may not be'z any wayz dem @CatsterAdmin z can't doez anythan'. Me, I gotten used to it here, coz o' da couple groupz me playz in 'n ya can 'star' em ta savez em. Yesh da welcome stuff izn't like what we had fore, but I really wantz ta stayz in toush wif me furiendz whofur R here now. It did take sum explorin' 'n stuff ta findz me furiendz. So we purrlay in Catstertown and in Kewlest Catster Kitties. I like da fact dat we can @The_Wild_Ones furiendz like dis 'n dey willz get an email ta letz em know sumfur waz here 'n wanted ta playz. Since mom eye conditionz r so poor, her can't really playz mush anyfur, but we lovez all our Catster palz ' nso sum went to other sitez, jus' mom can't hop round all da time wif on'y one eye 'n dat haz no central vision; iz really sooper hard. @Meep @Kally_Kat_ @MidnightSon @Twinkle @BoninBunch @Grammy (Kibbles) @kingrexxy @Wolfgangg @Ætheling @The_Desert_Kitties @Calvin a few o' our furiendz dat sumtimez play here,
    but sum o' dem may haz gifen up too. :|

    Milo Blue Eyes, wif Angels Mallee 'n Smokey Joe

  • ÆthelingÆtheling Member Posts: 51,885 ✭✭✭

    I'll never never never never give up. MOL. Rosco and I are here for the duration, as long as Dogster and Catster are here.

  • The_Wild_OnesThe_Wild_Ones PhoenixMember Posts: 61,035 ✭✭✭✭

    We are not giving up either and are finding the new Catster is growing on us!!

    Check out our Welcome Page
    ~Charly ~Speedy ~ Homer ~Dewey

  • CatsterAdminCatsterAdmin Administrator Posts: 122 admin

    Thanks @Caspurr ! We are working on updates to the community for sure.

    Let me make sure that I’ve got all your suggestions—

    A friends list that would make the profiles / updates of friends easily accessible
    A Profiles area instead of Welcome area

    Can you let me know what you mean by:
    questions and blurbs need to be separate from the profiles

    Thank you!

  • CaspurrCaspurr Member Posts: 27 ✭✭
    @CatsterAdmin. Okay... You have a "Welcome" area where some did up pages (profiles) you have a "Introducing" where some have done up Pages (profiles). Some posts are in "Getting Started" and others are in "We want to Hear from You". There is no clean divide between topics and ideas. No one knows where to do anything and now everything is mixed up. Months back we all used the word "profile"....but, it was left as it was and now some pictures and profiles as such are some places while others are other places. To make things work it would almost have to be a clean slate where profile pages can be produced...and starred which would put them on a friends list so we can find our friends. A feed of some kind so that when one of our friends say something we know...right now...it is luck of the draw. Personally, I find it hard to even get back to here to respond. I do not think people will come back until it is a site that has something familiar...if you are simply wanting new client...then that is well and good but, when all this started many of us gave suggestion and nothing happened. By separation of blurbs and question/profiles....you have things like "why does my cat cry?"....on top of a line that says "introducing". I loved the old Catster site and have enjoyed getting to know the people behind their cats elsewhere now...if it is easier to go elsewhere then why would I keep trying to fight my way through this site that is seemingly unfriendly. Did the new admins ever see the old Catster site? Did they ever navigate it and see how it worked? Trying to produce something without having seen it is a set up for failure. I wish you all the best in this endeavor....>^..^<
  • CatsterAdminCatsterAdmin Administrator Posts: 122 admin

    Thanks @Caspurr ! We have definitely been taking everyone's recommendations into consideration and we are working on some community changes in the background. Stay tuned!

  • WolfganggWolfgangg Terre HauteMember Posts: 410 ✭✭✭

    I'm glad to hear that you are working on changes. It is so hard for me to come here and see the wreckage of what once was. Even so, I will keep coming around when I can, just because I can never give up. I so miss the old Catster, and everything here as it stands is very hard to navigate. A top thing for me would be to be able to have our groups back where dogs and cats would play together. My old favorite was Cat and Dog Plaza, but that was destroyed really, with the changes.
    @MILO_BLUE_EYES , I will look up those other two groups because I really miss that Wolfie can't play with his friends here anymore. I can't give up, either, but it is hard, hard, hard not to.

  • IntegrityblueIntegrityblue AngolaMember Posts: 25 ✭✭
    I had 7 cats on my profile. Their ages logged, their personality., etc. I very much miss having profiles for them. This site boring now. I miss my cat friends.
  • Barbara WilliamsonBarbara Williamson Member Posts: 24
    YIKES, granted i haven't been in the Catster community for some time but I had several of cats all now over the Rainbow Bridge ... and they are all gone. I was going to add my current cat family but I'm heartbroken that my family is gone from Catster. 
  • CatsterAdminCatsterAdmin Administrator Posts: 122 admin
  • MeepMeep Member Posts: 270 ✭✭✭

    I'm typing in the "@" and the right names pop up but when I click on them, they are erased instead of being filled in. It is disappointing this is not working. Will anyone who can fix it even read this and care enough to fix it ?  Why should I come back if this is how you regard the community?

    So far all we get is "we are looking into it" and nothing has changed.  Will it ever?  Even the most patient of us does not have all the patience in the world. I have not been here for a while and (1) nothing has changed; and (2) even worse, I sent an inquiry about the site to the "@admin" ;because of something that appeared in my personal messages and never received a reply. Clearly the "@admin" is not a real job -- it appears someone drops in every now and then and tries to placate a few members but does nothing else. 

    There is loyalty and then there is plain old stubbornness. My hugs to all who care and hisses to admin.

  • MeepMeep Member Posts: 270 ✭✭✭
    @adminsys @MILO_BLUE_EYES ;    Correction-I did receive a reply from admin in regard to my questions about the site but it was "We'll look into it" !!!!!!!  So it is a reply but it is not an answer to my questions. An answer contains the information sought in the question(s).  Please ANSWER. 
  • MILO_BLUE_EYESMILO_BLUE_EYES Member Posts: 16,430 ✭✭✭✭
    @Meep 'n @CatsterAdmin yesh I can see'z how dis iz difficult, so maybe me can halpz ya. Ok, when ya @ sumfur, go @The_ ; 'n so when dis comez up, me see'z The Wild Ones (our grand purrfect furiendz here) so den ya see'z in blue er highlighted, rite? jus' come on down 'n click dat. But ya gotta hol' ur mousie jus' rite er u will lose it. So me doez sez... @Wol 'n den I see all da highlitez 'n jus' moofz ur mousie to it 'n click it will take it... @Wolfgangg 'n be'z like dat, do dis halp? I not knowz but I like da format (but dis iz jus' cause momcat can't see well 'n wif no central vision in her on'y good eye) 'n so her can't doez any codez or fontz or makez purrty picciez anymorez fur furiendz. Iz sad. Cause mom missez so mush doin' stuff her can't doez now. Get'z furry frustratin' too!  :| @CatsterAdmin da OC had a group, called APB 'n wud give uz updatez to what wuz goin' on 'n how mush had been accomplished, cud dat be done? Cause me thinkz no furr iz playin' in dat group now. All Paws Bulletin. Iz whar Watch Cat wud keep us in da 'loop'. 'n we purrpreciated it so mush~! Do U efen know, what changez mite or mite not get granted here?  :#  Me see'z DIS here "We want to hear from you" replaces APB? But it's still not da same, 'n we still can't see'z our doggie furiendz niether too~ Can dat, or anytime in da future get corrected? We jus' wanna knowz sumthin'...least WC wud tell us efen if'n no newz waz goo' mewz to us. Keepin' in toush iz important~! 
    We feelz SUMTHIN' must be gettin' done, so ya needz ta unnerstan' how we feelz here, ok?
    Yesh I knowz what Me grand furiend Meep iz sezin' it haz been monthz now 'n lookin' into it, get'z a bit ol'. Thankiez fur speedy responsez too.  B)

    Milo Blue Eyes, wif Angels Mallee 'n Smokey Joe

  • CJ_MulhernCJ_Mulhern Member Posts: 2
    Today  my sister's first and dear cat Punkin passed.   I shared this  website in the hope that it would give her a place to setup a page, similar to Facebook.  --  I am so hoping that the Admin is able to expand the option for a profile  ....  I haven't been on here in years, and would love to be back.   update us soon please!
  • CatsterAdminCatsterAdmin Administrator Posts: 122 admin
    Hi Meep! Thanks for reaching out again. I looked into that profile and I didn’t see anything that would necessitate that user being kicked off the community, please report a user if you feel they are being inappropriate to the community. Please PM me if you have further questions! 

    @MILO_BLUE_EYES thanks for that explanation. I'm actually having trouble @ing people, too. Let me look into that. 

    We are actually working on a group of Super Users who will give us community reports on a regular basis. If you are interested in being in this group, please PM me. 

    We are definitely working on changes and we made a few this week! You can now see who is online and we edited a few things in the Profile pages area and the signup area for new users. We are trying to implement things as fast as possible but any tech changes involve testing, etc. Thank you for patience, and, as always suggestions to make this community a better place are appreciated! 
  • MeepMeep Member Posts: 270 ✭✭✭
    Thanks @adminsys adminsys  Hoping going forward we do not need to howl and yowl for a response.

    @MILO_BLUE_EYES   Thank you buddy for your answer (better than the admin, MOL, who still is saying "I'll look into it" . . .
  • MILO_BLUE_EYESMILO_BLUE_EYES Member Posts: 16,430 ✭✭✭✭
    Thankiez @Meep goodest pal~!  B) Now I doez haza question directed to @CatsterAdmin sum o' dese here @furs if'n I can make sum sense here, dese un'z, like @adminsys adminsys do dis 'go' to anyone? Sum o' dese 'handles' if'n U will...like when I clicked on dat Adminsys dere is no traffic dere, I mean no activitiez. Iz dere a way ya'll can delete dese inactive onez? @Adminsys dere is two o' dese doodz~  :o Dis @ stuff iz a goo' idear, but I see sum mush needed improvementz so da site doesn't getz ofurloaded wif useless inactivitiez. I don't know if'n me iz efen makin' sense now, but, ok so if'n we @ sumfur 'n iz not in da system, we willz come to a page dat sez user not found. I guess my question here is do anyone getz da message when @adminsys adminsys is written? Me see'z ya answer from CatsterAdmin. Ok me did sum research, so Adminsys takez ya to a  page whar iz sez user not found. Yep @Meep da @Admin izn't a real one, sez user not found.  Now me unnerstand why  so many dat try to come back here, get so catfused~!!! I haz some really spawcial furiendz here 'n so I stay. 'n Catster iz in me blood. Since 2010 me haz made 'n loved so many spawcial furiendz here. And me thinkz, da dy-hardz will stay. At least, come play a bit. Dere r many other sitez our furiendz play at. We jus' need to get sum thingz done here, so our OC furiendz will return. Thank U @CatsterAdmin for stayin' in toush~ 

    Milo Blue Eyes, wif Angels Mallee 'n Smokey Joe

  • CatsterAdminCatsterAdmin Administrator Posts: 122 admin
    Thanks @MILO_BLUE_EYES! Yes, we know there are issues with @ and the fact that you can @ people // cats who don't truly exist! I know I say I'm looking into things a lot, but we truly are.  B)
  • MeepMeep Member Posts: 270 ✭✭✭

    @MILO_BLUE_EYES ;  I guess there's looking' and then there's fixin . . .

    Don't know if you knew Minko and Pipo (from Old Catster) and Mr. Jack Freckles from Old Dogster) but in case you did, I just wanted to pass on the sad news that Mr. JF passed away last week. If you want to send a message they have a new blog--just e-mail me and I will send it to you. Mr. JF was a great guy I got to know a bit from their blog after the OC went to computer heaven.  Anyhow, hope you and yours are well. 

    FYI-- For the @ thingie, I just type in the whole name and after I hit submit it changes color and I guess goes to whoever it supposed to.

  • babbs4jcbabbs4jc Member Posts: 2
    Hi.  My name is Barb and I would like to introduce to you Tiger, Ziggy & Sambo.  My babies.  They are all male.  We have had Tiger for 12 yrs.  This past August we lost our Ebony that we rescued 1 week earlier than Tiger and he was depressed and devastated.  He stopped eating and wouldn't socialize anymore.  So in October, we adopted Ziggy & Sambo. Those two kittens brought Tiger back to life again and he loves his babies as much as we do.  We love our 3 boys (that's what I call them).  I am very much a catster.  I have had cats all my life.  I have been married to my husband Dave for 30 yrs, and in those 30 years we have had 7 cats counting the two new babies.  We are very happy to be a part of this group.
  • MeepMeep Member Posts: 270 ✭✭✭

    @adminsys adminsys    I know you think you answered my questions but here we go again:  While it is nice to know there is nothing you could find that would block the user in question from the site, I also asked  what the policy is about members:  whether "avatar" cats or invented cats (like a cartoon cat) could be members, or just flesh and blood cats could be members.  If there is no policy, that also would be useful to know.  Please provide an answer to the question, that is, please provide the information requested. If all you can do is "look into it" please don't say anything. 

  • MILO_BLUE_EYESMILO_BLUE_EYES Member Posts: 16,430 ✭✭✭✭
    @Meep @CatsterAdmin me  memmerz da O/C did haz dem policiez in writin' ta keepz da fake cats out! Iz our site 'n our communitiez 'n it needz ta be'z protected. Yesh Meep, policiez need to be in place. A cartoon cat izn't real, ' n may be 'fake' peepz tryin' to spy on otherz 'n cud  cause probz or be'z trouble makerz 'n we had sum o' dem in da O/C too, dey got kicked out~! 
    Meep, doodman, U make a goo' point~!

    Milo Blue Eyes, wif Angels Mallee 'n Smokey Joe

  • CatsterAdminCatsterAdmin Administrator Posts: 122 admin
    edited 20 February, 2018
    @Meep @MILO_BLUE_EYES — Thanks for letting me know. No, we don't have any policies like that at this time. The only policy we have is deleting or warning people if they are abusing their privileges and/or spamming. Please let me know what you propose for a policy! 
  • MILO_BLUE_EYESMILO_BLUE_EYES Member Posts: 16,430 ✭✭✭✭
    Ok Kewl @CatsterAdmin Let me thinkz bout dat 'n collaborate wif me peepz. I doez haza an issue goin'  on here now. Mom 'n me hazn't been online all day 'n iz 6:45 Pm her now CST. When I click on mom'z email whar it wiud take ya to da group page or whatefur sumfur made a comment...welperz it takez me to a page dat sez "You Don't Have Permission". I cud post on my profile page 'n a'slo asked if'n any o' me furiendz had da same issue. Can ya check on day purrlease? Me can't getz to dem Group Threadz ta play. 
    Jus' sumthin' ta thinkz bout, in dat Policy, maybe state dat da profile has to be legit cat or dog. No cartoons allowed. i know da O/C a'so pur in writin' dat da profile page cudn't haz more den one piccie o' hoomanz. But den, dat don't apply here, coz we on'y haz ONE place fur a piccie on our profile page. No fowl language, an' treat efuryfur wif respect. No loud moufz allowed. If'n dey create a situation in whish dey makez sum other fur sad on purrpose, or upset, our ownerz o' da groupz wud simply kick dem out. Hence, sum groupz waz on'y open to invite on'y. Whish worked, den we eliminated da scum. We on'y want a safe haven to play, an pawty 'n enjoy great conver wif our close buddiez we'z know fur so long. 'n da grand majority o' 'em r simply wonnerfur~! Unlike any other! Dat iz what made O/C so purrfect. Close/Invitaion on'y groupz had to exist. If'n jus' anyfur off da street comez in, dey can ruin our fun. It'z honest, clean fun.. All da mom'z o' kitz 'n pupz think alike. We love to chat thru our petz. It'z kin'a like actin'~ 'n mom likez 'n knowz me so well, dat welperz, her becomez ME~ Do dat make sense? Mom iz smillin' now~  <3

    Milo Blue Eyes, wif Angels Mallee 'n Smokey Joe

  • MILO_BLUE_EYESMILO_BLUE_EYES Member Posts: 16,430 ✭✭✭✭
    @CatsterAdmin da issue seemz to haz cleared itselfz up dis mornin'~ Mush o' been jus' a glitch on me partz. Shrugz.

    Here iz a few morez policiez:
    Family- Furiendly
    CatsterAdmin reservez da rite to eliminate any content deamed rude, cruel, or hatefur. 
    No Harrassmentz
    No encouragementz o' violence (whish "Family-Furiendly" shud take care o')
    No No NO Trollin'~!
    Maybe otherz haz morez. 

    Thank U fur listenin' 'n keepin' us informed 'n updated~

    Milo Blue Eyes, wif Angels Mallee 'n Smokey Joe

  • CatsterAdminCatsterAdmin Administrator Posts: 122 admin
    Hey @MILO_BLUE_EYES — Thanks for reaching out! Yes, the group issue should be updated. 
    We can definitely think of a way to write up some rules like that!
    Remember that you can always FLAG>REPORT something you don't think is appropriate. 
  • MeepMeep Member Posts: 270 ✭✭✭

    @MILO_BLUE_EYES - you sure have a great memory! Your list of stuff to keep us safe is mighty fine.  @adminsys adminsys - thank you for the info and taking this seriously.

  • MayhemMayhem MarylandMember Posts: 158 ✭✭✭
    @CatsterAdmin Speaking today for myself and by fur brother Caspurr...we have come back here one more time today and do notice something different....they are FINALLY called Pet Profiles....we don't know how to find people but we also noticed that it shows who is on....this is something. >^..^<
  • MILO_BLUE_EYESMILO_BLUE_EYES Member Posts: 16,430 ✭✭✭✭
    @Mayhem 'n @Caspurr here iz da url ta answer all dem questionz. 
    Here is da url'z fur da groupz we play at:
    We haz several furiendz dere we connect wif. 
    'n here iz da url to me profile page:
    @CatsterAdmin thank U fur keepin' us'nz updated~! :)

    Milo Blue Eyes, wif Angels Mallee 'n Smokey Joe

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