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  • Kittens_RuleKittens_Rule Member Posts: 34
    @CatsterAdmin, I was looking at @Kally_Kat_ 's disscussions, when I came across one that had a question @Kally_Kat_ ; was asking that I thought you might be able to answer. Here's a link to the discussion:
    Here's what @Kally_Kat_ ; was asking:

    Hello, mai mommy wants to know if we can have a music player like snack pods on Kally Kat old Catster's page.
    I don't know if there are any Profiles about music players like snack pod.
    Thank you if you can help me!
    Luvs iz 4 - eva & eva.

    @Kally_Kat_, if you're reaading this, I really wanted to help you out.
  • CatsterAdminCatsterAdmin Administrator Posts: 123 admin
    Hi @Kittens_Rule @Kally_Kat_ — We can look into a music player for you! We will let you know. 
  • MILO_BLUE_EYESMILO_BLUE_EYES Member Posts: 16,448 ✭✭✭✭
    Hallow @Kittens_Rule 'n sweet 'n dear Miss @Kally_Kat_ ! Me hopez so too, dat wud be too kewl ta haz a media plurrayer on site~ 
    Dear @CatsterAdmin me not knowz why, but we r not gettin' any email notificationz once gain. Iz been roughly 2 wkz. Me did go into Preferencez 'n checked marked all, 'n a'so, me went to see if'n iz goin' to Spam email, whish it iz not. Thankiez furry mush in advance.  :)

    Milo Blue Eyes, wif Angels Mallee 'n Smokey Joe

  • CatsterAdminCatsterAdmin Administrator Posts: 123 admin
    Thanks @MILO_BLUE_EYES — we will look into it! 
  • Kally_Kat_Kally_Kat_ BeansMember Posts: 368 ✭✭✭

    It's beez furry late n' mai mommy izz fallin (Asleep) on hur key-bored.... 
    Mai mommie had did men-shun dat Muzic playah a frum da furst time we come heyah at da new Catsters, Hhmmm.... Me uh wundurren if-fins we can have dis! Acuz, mai mommy luffs muzik lotts!

    Wee luffs muzik, can ya halp us out heyah, please purrity plz?
    Kally Kat Angel <3 <3 <3

    ♥Luv iz 4 - eva & eva♥

  • MayhemMayhem MarylandMember Posts: 158 ✭✭✭
    @CatsterAdmin I created profiles ages ago for 2 of my now 6 cats and have tried time and again to use this site, each time hoping things had changed. Today, I could not even do what I could do when I first created my cats profile...it has now been YEARS!!!!!! I give up! >^..^< Mayhem, >^..^< Caspurr, >^..^< Mercy and the kittens 3
  • CatsterAdminCatsterAdmin Administrator Posts: 123 admin
    Hi @Mayhem — we are so sorry to hear you're been having issues using our new community! Please check out our FAQs sections here and PM me with specific questions: 
  • MILO_BLUE_EYESMILO_BLUE_EYES Member Posts: 16,448 ✭✭✭✭
    @CatsterAdmin me once gain is not gettin' any emails. Could U check on it purrlease?

    Milo Blue Eyes, wif Angels Mallee 'n Smokey Joe

  • CatsterAdminCatsterAdmin Administrator Posts: 123 admin
    Hi @MILO_BLUE_EYES — I could! Could you PM me some details — ex. when did you start having this problem? 
  • Kally_Kat_Kally_Kat_ BeansMember Posts: 368 ✭✭✭
    I got home very late last night& I had to respond to you for your love & support, along with other wonderful cat furriends here & their families.

    I would love to see a music player here in the Group forum.

    We would love to see a place whee we can go to post videos or songs we can copy & paste right here from YouTube.
    It can be for any occasions, Seasons, Birthdays, Rainbow Bridge Angels & so much more.
    Something fun, colorful dance or moove your feet & feel so good after!

    Tom Jones sings What's New Pussycat whoa whoa...♪♪♪♪            


    I hope to hear from you about how great we can (Make Catster Great Again) !

    This is for & any Catster member here.
    Tom Jones sings What's New Pussycat whoa whoa...♪♪♪♪

    Please sum kitty or Cat & angels respond?
    Kally_ Kat_ Angel

    ♥Luv iz 4 - eva & eva♥

  • Kally_Kat_Kally_Kat_ BeansMember Posts: 368 ✭✭✭
    Mews tew yew awll, this was my furst YouTube
    I wasn't sure about keeping a space tween da Video, like I say Mommy is trying to keep up sum gud muzik. we can moofs ur feets & shake a litta ov ur hips.... :D

    Does any ov yew furrs know iffin wee kan go back to correct considering how much space we can keep our Post?
    Mommy took upps so mush space, butt dats okay tew, me luffs her so mush...
    Okay gotta go fur now, It's Caturday & sunny & nice weatha outts! :)

    Thank yew furriends iffin ya kan halp mommy outts! <3

    ♥Luv iz 4 - eva & eva♥

  • LisasprideLisaspride Member Posts: 2
    Wow  I guess it's been longer than I realized since I've been here.  And had time to try to figure out all the changes.  Did everyone have to re-register?  I couldn't recover my password due to not having the old email address anymore and couldn't find any way to get assistance without registering like I was new.  And m having absolutely no luck finding any of my old cat profile pages and I had a bunch.  If its still possible to get some assistance I would appreciate it. 
  • Kally_Kat_Kally_Kat_ BeansMember Posts: 368 ✭✭✭
    Hello, yes a lot of us old timers has had their share of cafusion & @Lisaspride ;
    Many of the Catster furriends has recommend to contact @CatsterAdmin that is what I was told from the beginning.
    You can message her or him? Male/Female?
    I have this link if you go to it your cat has to have your I.D. number to gather information on your original Profile from when you first came to Catsters. I hope it'll help.

    Feel free to message me from your Profile page. This site my Kally_ Kat_ message from her Profile .
    I wish you good luck!

    You can express your concerns with the help you need.
    However, I have had to endure the times of not being able to log in? :#

    I hope you can contact to the @CatsterAdmin & get some answers.
    Catsters did & has a Wayback Machine 

    ♥Luv iz 4 - eva & eva♥

  • LisasprideLisaspride Member Posts: 2
    Thank you for the links.  I've read through most of them.  I've tried searching for my old profiles so I can use the wayback machine but am having no luck unfortunately.  :(

  • CatsterAdminCatsterAdmin Administrator Posts: 123 admin
    Hi Lisa,

    If you don't know your cat's ID#, you can reach out to this user on Dogster's community: https://community.dogster.com/profile/Sandy_Kramer_etc She has been keeping track of old profiles personally (for both cats and dogs) and she may have some info on your cat. Thanks!
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