Strange 'sores' on cat's face appear out of nowhere

t woodst woods Member Posts: 3 ✭✭

I have a 3 1/2 y/o Maine Coon male, indoor. Just in the past week he has started showing these ‘sores’ on his face and asking for a bit of advice to help identify what it is.

He is totally fine otherwise in terms of behaviour, eating, going to the litter box, grooming etc. The ‘sores’ themselves are like a round bumpy spot where there is some discharge/blood/pus and a small clump of hair falls out. You can see the pictures below. Please note I had just cleaned them with some warm water and put some Polysporin/antibacterial cream on them so they haven’t scabbed and look a bit raw, it didn’t look like this before but the pictures show it much more clearly. I felt the first one above his left brow some days ago and thought he perhaps bumped his head but then noticed the other two on his right check and above his right brow. We did change his food from Royal Canin to Canagan just 2 months ago because we thought he had developed a food allergy where he started throwing up often. No issues with his new food and he’s eating a lot and no more throwing up. Perhaps it's a different food allergy but then why all of sudden these spots start showing up almost out of nowhere. Honestly, a week ago you wouldn’t have noticed anything and poof, these lesions appear on this face. Or perhaps stress induced? We were away last weekend but had a friend pop by and hang out with him for a bit.

Besides taking him to vet, anybody experienced this before or have any ideas on what this is? Any help would be appreciated.

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