My cat only gets destructive when I’m home?

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So I'm a relatively new cat owner, I've had my cat Fiona for a little bit over a month now. She's been very well-behaved; she's actually on her BEST behavior when I'm not at home. I'm a college student, so I'm away from home for no more than 3 hours every day. She doesn't seem to mind because my room isn't in shambles when I come back and I leave the window open for her. I also have 3 other roommates so if they're home and I'm out, they can take her out to play or if I'm not home by her feeding time, they feed her. So the actual issue is when I'm actually home. I usually let her roam about the apartment and play with her right when I get home and after an hour or so, I try to get some work done in my room and if no one else is home, she stays with me in my room. This is where she starts acting out. It seems like whenever I try to do something for myself, like do homework, take a nap, watch TV, or even use the bathroom, she starts acting really destructive and I don’t know what could be the source of it. The 3 main things she does is, play with the blinds, try to climb up my tapestry/sit on my bed’s headboard to pull the down the lights I have hung up, and play with my shower curtain. I’m not very confrontational and passively stubborn, so I’d rather make it unreachable as possible so she’ll stop tearing up my things and I can keep said things on my walls. (The tapestry may or may not be covering a gross stain from whoever lived here before me that won’t go away.) I know the basic rules of getting a cat to stop doing something is ignoring them and walking away but it’s pretty hard to walk away when she might break the newly replaced shower curtain or destroy the blinds and result in me having to pay a charge to get them fixed. She’s torn up my first shower curtain and I can only push so many blinds back into place so many times and the final straw was yesterday after putting things on my headboard (it’s kind of shelf-like) to keep her from climbing up there to reach the blinds (that are raised to their highest point right now) and lights, she tried to find a different path and knocked over and shattered my favorite lamp. I was so upset with her I actually cried for a bit. I’ve done everything I can in my power to lower my bed and raise my blinds and move my curtain to where she can’t reach it but she’s so relentless and I underestimate her, she just keeps continuing to do it. It’s gotten to the point where I can’t go to the bathroom or even sit down for 5 minutes without her trying to destroy something. I give her more playing time and when it seems like she’s out of breath, she’s back on my bed trying to reach my lights. I attempted the spraying with water thing but that didn’t last too long because I don’t have the heart to do her like that and she’d just come back 5 minutes later anyways. As of now, I’ve put foil on the places she tries to get to because apparently cats don’t like it but in the span of a day she’s gotten over it and is back to being annoying. I love Fiona with all my heart but this is getting too much

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