Loud Tapping Wakes Us Up!

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Our kitty, Basil, has gotten into the habit of loudly tapping on the mirror every morning about an hour before we start our days to wake us up. I've tried many things the night before to prevent this - removing the mirror (she just taps the door instead), blocking the mirror, covering it up, etc. She figures out how to tap tap tap anyways because she's a clever kitty! I end up kicking her out of the bedroom when she does it, which may just reinforce her behavior because I do get out of bed, though only to shoo her out. She doesn't like being kicked out, but it hasn't helped with the tapping. My partner refuses to do the alternative, which would be to ignore her until the behavior dies. Any ideas??

Thank You!

EDIT: I realize now that I posted this in the wrong forum (oops), but I can't figure out how to fix it. Sorry about that!



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    The only thing I can think of, could she be hungry? Ætheling sometimes meowed at me during the night, and I found that if I put enough food out right at bedtime to last him through the night, he wouldn't bother me.

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    Thanks for your input!!

    Yes, I'm almost sure it is because she's hungry, though she has done it after getting her breakfast as well a couple times. We feed her wet food for dinner, and don't leave kibble out for her to munch on throughout the night. The reason for this is that when we adopted her, she was pretty overweight, and the vet told us exactly how much food to give her to get rid of that extra weight. And when we give her kibble for breakfast, she eats it all immediately. I think she'd probably do the same if we left her kibble before we went to bed.

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    hmmmm, I don't know what else you might do. We cats can be pretty stubborn. And when we are closed out of a room, our loud meows can be heard all over the house. MOL.

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