Adopted a stray cat - just need advice about training and how to keep it warm


We had a really friendly tuxedo cat sit outside our garden door for a couple of weeks. We started feeding him, he loves cuddles etc. After putting up posters around the neighbourhood to no avail, I took him to the vet and he's not microchipped. Also got him vaccinated etc. He's so lovely that I decided to take him in. However, we already have 3 cats (two cats - around 3 years old- that belong to one housemate, another is a kitten and belongs to another housemate... it's a really big house with a huge garden) and another housemate is allergic to cats. The two mature cats are also mean to the kitten, but they seem to ignore Frank when outdoors (perhaps because he's older than them). So I offered to keep Frank in my bedroom during the night and when I'm at home, it's a very large bedroom, with its own sofa (apart from the bed). However, I work quite long hours and I'm worried about Frank being outside in the cold when I'm not there.

What do you guys think I should do? I've been thinking of trying to negotiate something with my housemates whereby we keep him in the bathroom during the day, or maybe build a cat shelter for him during the winter? Or can I train him to develop a routine whereby I let him out in the garden for about an hour in the morning, before I head to work, leave him in my room for the whole day and then let him out again in the evening when I get home, before bed? I'm a bit worried about my bedroom smelling of cat litter all the time (especially as I'm freelance and sometimes do my work from home and the smell lingers and isn't the most comfortable) and of the cat just getting crazy bored in one room for a whole day.

Thanks, looking forward to your advice!


  • MoniMoni Member Posts: 7
    I have inside cats all my life and the smell can be eliminated with baking soda in he cat litter, which I put in the litter box myself and I clean the litter box with hydrogen peroxide or in case he is allergic, I mix dish washing liquid with vinegar and water in a spray bottle, because one of my cats has asthma. I don't leave my cats outside at all, because they could get injured by a dog or run over by a car etc. The cat will not get bored, they get used to it, as long as he has a window he can sit and see out.
  • ellwood18ellwood18 Member Posts: 13
    Moni has the right idea.  You can be your cat's best friend the way he can become your best friend.  Relating with him with loving, caring words, using his name frequently, frequent petting and acknowledging his signs of affection and you two will do just fine.  Suggest allowing him to listen to music when you are gone,should give him great joy (the same as it does for humans)
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