Need Advice? Litter Box/Pan Delay

I have a brand new kitty. We've had him for two weeks tomorrow. He is unbelievably sweet and crazy.

He hardly ever gets into trouble.

However, I actually have another kitty. We utilized the enclosed litter pan for her - as bcz she's a litter thrower, and truly if we tend to utilize one with the walls too low, she's going to accidentally stool one piece over the wall onto my floor that she then whaps my washing machine. Merely a box with a better wall helps.

The new kitty wouldn't use that one. He selected a smaller one with low walls, however, then my different cat used that one too- flinging litter everywhere the area and not with success utilization the box.

I got a brand new box yesterday. With high walls. She uses it simply fine. However, the male new kitty ignores it. He acts like he does not perceive its a box. I place him next to it. He appeared at it and walks away. If I place him in it, I understand he must go. He simply lays there. Its been virtually twenty-four hours since he is gone. We tend to latch him in this space, therefore, he must use it, however, he is still simply ignoring it. The second I force out the previous one he hopped into it, probing for litter to go. However, I used to be very simply rearranging to place it away. He refuses to use something new.

How do I purchase him to use this ( ) new litter box? I merely cannot have the lower one bcz it's just not clean. Please support If you've got any suggestions. Do I simply wait it out?"


  • fluffyandgabbyfluffyandgabby Member Posts: 3
    I'm trying to spread the word to my fellow cat lovers about a new automatic cat box that is better than the Litter Robot Open Air.  It's called the Purrfect Sift and there is a kickstarter going on right now where you can get it for 35% off.  I know it's not for everyone but while I own the Litter Robot Open Air, I truly believe this new product is even better!

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