Bad night behavior

My Inky - 5 yr old mix, but majority Main Coon has a strange night routine, does anyone have any suggestions?

About midnight and 3 am he jumps on my bed, then jumps on my bed headboard and bangs the window blinds (slats not material), jumps down the back of the bed (in room angled cornerwise). Then he starts over again and continues till I get up, try and catch him and put him out of the room, and shut the door.

I have tried water in spray bottle - he loves that, I have tried bottle of cat repellant, I have tried natural essential oils wiped on headboard, my last resort is a piece of chain in a tin can, I only have to move the can and he will stop for a couple of minutes, then start over till I rattle it more or put him out of the room. I have played with him and my other demure calico late in the evening, makes no difference. Tried to think of everything, I make sure they have biscuits, make sure litter boxes are super clean, even wondered if the moon has anything to do with him!!!!!!!!!! Can anyone help please?


  • JinxyBeanJinxyBean AllenMember Posts: 79 ✭✭
    He may have discovered moonlight shadows dancing on your blinds, or the reverse, attacking bits of moonlight peeking from between the slats. Or the bushes/trees near this window might be new territory for a night bird. My cat will attack shadows on my closed blinds, created by branches moving in the breeze.

    I suggest installing blackout curtains over the windows to break this habit.
  • BrendaBrenda Member Posts: 3
    That's a new one, thank you, I will try this
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