Is SoftPaws safe for cats?

TomomiTomomi Member Posts: 1
I haven't had cats before, but I want to adopt one. My parents are against them because of the scratching in particular. Do you think SoftPaws is a viable option while I train my cat not to scratch the furniture and instead the scratching posts. Is it also possible to use long term?


  • HappyKatzHappyKatz Member Posts: 2
    Hi there Soft Paws, i dont know if your still looking for answers, I see a lot if unanswered questions.  So! Yes, I believe so. My niece used them during a temporary stay at her parents home(2 cats) they worked great!) of course if it were my Charlie, you might have some trouble getting them on. *Some cats are very particular about having their paws touched! That said, just like with clipping claws, which should be done for indoor cats(less inclined to claw furniture & less damaging, though they still claw) you may have to start one claw at a time (next day another, ect) slow, the tortoise won! LOL! There's is another answer. You can get pressurized air cans to place in strategic places you want the cats to avoid, I get from Amazon. Pricey to start but soon you have the kitty going around the area & can turn it off. BUT! PLEASE! PLEASE! Dont let anyone talk you into declawing! Its inhumane. Not just a painful procedure but horribly debilitating. Causes a lifetime of crippling pain. Remember cats are the best at hiding pain due to their survival instincts so you wont see the suffering. Look it up! Its not the answer. Lastly, if your parents are against cats clawing...know all the things that someone(parents)will see as a problem. Poop smell. Vomit. Food smell. Litter tracking. Cat hair everywhere! We cat lovers accept those things cuz of love for our furballs. Maybe not others. Good luck!
  • kzr2101kzr2101 Member Posts: 2
    Hi there! SoftPaws MIGHT be a viable option. However, I really, REALLY wanted to emphasize how correct @HappyKatz is in their response. Please, PLEASE do not allow your parents (or anyone) to declaw your future kitty. Feel free to show you parents some alternatives to declawing. I have found success with my cat by employing the right COMBINATION of these options. However, going in with the right mindset is also important. I understand that my cat is a cat, and I can't 100% control or reason with him. If your parents are going to hold a cat's natural impulses and behaviors against it, that's not entirely fair. Make 
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