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Hey Cat Lovers, I'm known to write wordy posts, so I'm going to try to keep this short. I don't know that I'm putting this in the right place, so if I'm a derailer, I apologize in advance! Way long story short: I took in two pregnant stray females a year ago. They gave birth a day apart. Mom number one, abandoned ship. Wanted nothing to do with her kittens. I bottle-fed them around the clock, did their "business" etc. and kept them going. Mom number two, took them in as her own. This, made a total of 13 kittens. All kittens were sick, and diagnosed with Feline Herpes and Colici (sp) virus. After going crazy trying to find help, I found an awesome organization that registered them, so long as I fostered. I agreed of course, because a shelter would have killed them. I had seven cats of my own to begin with. Add two mothers, and 13 kittens, and you have 22. Plus two outside that we were feeding. I went from 7 inside cats, to 22 inside cats. Overnight. A year later, I still am fostering ALL kittens. Mama one was rescued and adopted by a Siamese Rescue group. YAY! Mama two passed away a couple of months ago. ALL kittens are still here. Yet ANOTHER stray pregnant female has shown up. This is the 8th we have had in 3 years. I can not foster, needless to say. I tried to get her in our program, they have no room. They wanted her spay aborted. I called "humane" society, they will kill her. ASPCA, will kill her. I cannot take in another 7 cats. She is on her way now to the vet to be aborted. My question, which is why I put it in the health section, is do any of you know what I can expect? My own heart is breaking, I feel guilty, I feel like a killer. I fought so hard through 7 litters to keep kittens alive, and now I'm facilitating their death.  I just don't know how I'm going to process this one. Will Mama be okay? Is she going to be depressed? She was far enough along that there is a good size belly, but I believe probably still a month, month and a half away from popping. I understand this will be physically hard on her, but I am worried about the emotional/hormone side. I am one of those people that firmly believe animals have feelings too. =\ Looks like I got wordy anyway. >.< I'm sorry! Just needed somewhere to say I feel guilty where people won't judge and tell me "it's just a cat." I know there's an overpopulation..boy do I know that with what I have here. I've done all I can and they just keep pressing that this is the best thing. Bah, more wordiness! Thanks for taking the time to read. 


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    The mother cat may suffer depression from the sudden loss or her kittens or she may just bounce right back like nothing happened. It's not possible to predict. She'll still have hormones days or weeks after the surgery. She may be more distant & want to be left alone.

    You did the best you could. You already have so many that you are taking care of. Most people could not handle that many cats. You've already saved so many. You cannot save them all. I understand that you feel guilty, I would too, but one person can only do so much. Do you have a no-kill shelter nearby? What about a shelter that has a kitten nursery? Look into that & try to find some locals to help you. Good luck!

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