Help on stray cat I have in garage

This cat has lived in my development for at least 5 months. I started feeding him steady about two weeks ago. I noticed he has been in a fight and I dont want him hurt. I coaxxed him into the garage and hes been there for 24 hours. No one wants him yet. Am I being cruel?


  • TwinkleTwinkle BirminghamMember Posts: 11,168 ✭✭✭✭
    How do you feel about taking him in & making him a part of your family? You seem to care for him. If he got hurt in that fight, he needs to see a vet. I think you should neither consider taking him in & take him to a no-kill shelter.
  • beachinmoneybeachinmoney Member Posts: 4
    He isnt hurt. My groomer came, bathed and cut him. I am treating his earmites and I have an appoijtment to check and vacinate him and my kitties. I do not like shots though and i want to try and do as few as possible. I am keeping him. I cant have him around all cats until then and earmites are gone. Any help? I feel guilty hes been in the back bedroom for 2 weeks! I spend at least 2 hrs a day with him.
  • bigcatbigcat Member Posts: 3
    So we adopted a stray cat back in july of 20017 since her first days with us she was very scared and paranoid. We thought that this would eventually go away which it has some what, but she doesnt like to socialize much and appears to always be nervous, eventhough we give her nothing but love and we try to be as sweet and caring as possible with her. My brother says this is because she is a street cat and is not domesticated. Do you think her behavior will change and be more relaxed with us? And what advice can you give me, or any tips on what to do? She’s been with us for the past 8 months and I really need some help.              
                                                                                   Thankyou for your time
                                                                                          E. Lara
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