My newest kitty has ulcers caused by rats bites

Our kassie kitty was rescued by our local shelter earlier last year from a hoarding situation. She was very malnutrition, and was being bitten by rats that had infested the house and was practically dead. They treated her with antibiotics and other medication for a short time cause they discovered she was also carrying babies (who got fostered previous to her adoption). Her wounds got treated and she has healed well from them, besides on spot on the back of her neck, it's bald but you got to really look for the other areas. They vaccinated and fixed her, also microchipped and all disease/illness they tested her for has came back negative.  We originally got her from an old friend(keep in touch over social media) whom I know is good to just get rid of a "animal" when it takes to much of her time, in her case supposible her youngest was allergic and the shelter wouldn't take her back. Which when I notified the shelter cause I didn't know how to update her chip they informed me on her previous home life before she came to them. I also found out this friend had adopted 4 other cats, which from my knowledge she didn't have a single one. After we had to fill out a application, and paid a fee for her, they also warned us about how for the rest of her life she may suffer occasional flair ups. Almost 2 months ago was our 1st experience with them and it took place over night pretty much, I took her to my vet and they gave her a shot of something(sorry can't remember, but was to help her fight infection/bacteria) but they said it was an antibiotic. And than gave us oral antibiotics that we gave hard 2 times a day and they helped for the most part. I just got home from a lil over week vacation just last night, but when I called my mom(she cares for our pets when not home) Monday she informed me that she was having another flare up and I remember the lil left over antibiotic we still had in the fridge from last time which has helped until I can get ahold of the shelter/vet to give her something else.  Our kitties eat a good brand of food, and treats, they don't really care for soft cat food but they get tuna twice a week. They get fresh water twice if not 3 times a day, we also use the corncob kitty litter, and she rarely goes outside and when she does she doesn't leave the yard. My house is far from "mr.clean" perfection but it's not filth by any means. She don't seem to be bothered by them, I think they bother me more but seriously what else can I do for my poor precious kitty? I feel so bad for her, and I'm trying hard to either less issues or maybe eliminating all together.  We have another fur baby whom we have had for over 2 years and never has she had such issues, or any past furry companions I've had in my life.... Really am at a loss


  • AliCat43AliCat43 Member Posts: 1
    Aww-that is really sad...I am sorry your kitty is sick...=-(( 
  • MousieCorpMousieCorp Member Posts: 15
    Can you post some pictures of the sores?  Kitties are prone to a variety of skin conditions which can cause lesions and bald spots.  Are the sores dry and flaky or scabby?  Are they oozing or bleeding?  
  • mmglossonmmglosson Member Posts: 11
    My senior cat Max is newly diabetic (maybe 4 months now).  I have to give him insulin shots every morning.  I’m guessing it may just be carry over from where she may have been bitten by the mice maybe.  Good luck with her health.  My heart goes out to both you and your fur baby.
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