My baby has a heart murmur

RobCali11RobCali11 Member Posts: 1
I just found out yesterday that my youngest kitty (she is four) has a heart murmur with a three out of six on the scale. My wife and I are on a foxed income and cannot afford huge treatments but was told she has this heart murmur and I am not sure how she got it or what it means for her future. If anyone has experience with this and could give some feedback, it would be appreciated. 



  • hunter328hunter328 Member Posts: 3
    My 17 year old cat has a low grade heart murmur.  It sounds as if your kitten has a worse one, so I’m not really sure I know.  But IMO, if you can’t afford an absurdly expensive treatment for your kitty then don’t focus on that.  Focus on the fact that you’re giving your cat a loving home and providing for its basic needs, something it wouldn’t have gotten at all if not adopted.  
    People who can’t afford basic vet care for an animal shouldn’t get a pet, but there’s a huge difference in providing for your pets everyday care and having to spend large amounts of money that doesn’t fit your budget for specialty procedures.  It’s definitely a tough position, as loving owners we want to do everything we can for our animals, but if doing so puts you in a bad position financially then it can cause more problems.  Remember that if you hadn’t adopted your cat that the shelter would not have performed elaborate procedures on it and it probably would have been euthanized.  Your giving it a much better life/chance than that.
    That said, always consult your vet and go over all the available options.  I could be that there’s something besides an expensive surgery that you could implement that would improve your cat’s condition or chances.
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