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priinternationaltradepriinternationaltrade Member Posts: 2
priinternationaltrade I fell in love with my cat when she was a baby..I met her in my small partition inside a room which is inside a villa,the place is barely enough for me to sleep I gave her food she got pregnant what I feel is she is different from all other cats she loves me and due to me she delivered babies outside the main door of my room in a shoe rack..nobody cud love those babies like I did..frankly now they are 5 weeks old and they started pooping everywhere jumping around due to heat in Dubai they went outside next room and jumped around plenty ,everybody started having problem..I was asked to shift on terrace and I did but by afternoon it is 40 degrees unbearable so mother wud bring them back down this happened every single day..I thot I can't leave them on streets not sure whr they wud eat and whether there wud be an ac vent my rent is 1000 aed per month and if I shifted to anthr place fr them the rent wud be 400 Aed more on top of that people wud always have a problem because the mother cries in night so I don't know what to do..all I knew was my owners were to scared to touch the kids in presence of mother and I counted on that far too my owner went and threw the kittens somewhere and the mother is still here..I am eating my self over this so bad I can't breathe when she cried and came to me I was weeping for them..I have been out on the street looking for 2 hrs and cudnt find them I can't breathe at the thot of what I wud have done for them I begged the owner to tell me where they are she is not ready to tell me at all saying. They will follow u back she says she keep them in a Arabic home and nothing more I wud never trust someone like her to take the effort and I want to adopt them I am at a stage where I wud shift now if I find them but I don't know what to do pls tell me!now my owner admit he put the kids 300 metres away I took mother cat and looked everywhere could not find them mother cat also went to find them dint come back pls tell me what to do with they survive and she left that place I'm mediately can she find them



  • fuzzyechofuzzyecho Member Posts: 4
    Can you please explain what you mean by your owner?
  • Steel_Penny1943Steel_Penny1943 Member Posts: 7
    @fuzzyecho if I am understanding the story correctly, “owners” probably refers to the owners of the villa.  @priinternationaltrade Anyway, assuming the spot where the babies were abandoned is near another residential neighborhood, the babies could possibly be taken in by other families.  Another possible outcome would be for the local animal control organization capture them and take them to a shelter for strays.  They will catch small bugs to eat and drink water from any water source they encounter.  I’m sure the mother is grieving for her babies.  My guess is the owners took the babies while the mother was away from them.  When she returned to her babies, they were gone.  Unfortunately, there’s not much you can do for the babies now except pray they find good people to take care of them.

    My Domino was born to a feral mother.  We became his humans when he was 5 weeks old.  Of course, Domino’s case is a happier ending because he had humans raising him.
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