Help! My 12 year old cat is barely using his litter box now

Alex BrameAlex Brame Member Posts: 1
This all started about 3-4 months ago. At the time, he was having issues with arthritis in his back him. Sometimes he would use it, sometimes he would go on the floor. A friend suggested I'd take him to the vet because he looked like lethargic. Luckily we already had an appointment because it turns out he was diabetic (Oh yay)

Gotten all that taken care of and he's back to feeling like himself (Although backhip still gives him issues from times to times) despite all this he still doesn't want to use his litter box all the time. For a while, he kept trying to get into the smaller littler box that our youngest cat used but it was simply to small for him but yet he would drop something on the floor while being half in and half out.

Recently we got a bigger box and cleaned out the litter and that hasn't helped much. I've even been keeping the top off of it at night and that sometimes does the trick but not all the time. I'm tired of walking into the room and having a present waiting for me (I must point out, that these presents look very normal) The other day I caught him in the act and put him in the box and he freaked out like he didn't like the feel of the litter.

Tonight I ask for some advice. I have no idea what more to do. I'm not about to get rid of him because of this but I need a solution to why he's not wanting to use his litter box all the time. (BTW, we use fresh step)


  • hunter328hunter328 Member Posts: 3
    Does the smaller box that he was trying to use have a lower rim to it?  If he’s arthritic then perhaps he was going there because it was easier to get in and out of.  If that’s the case then get him a bigger litter box with a lower rim, or modify the one you have.  If the smaller box has a different type of litter then that could be it as well, or if you’ve changed litter brands change back.  Also make sure the large box isn’t somewhere that getting to it in itself would be an ordeal for a cat with arthritis.
    If none of that works you could try adjusting the level of kitty litter in the box. If it’s too full then he might be having trouble moving around inside of it.  
    Im not a vet though, so actually my first advice should have been to call your vet and see if they have any better advice.
    I hope you get it figured out.  I know how frustrating it can be to have a cat you love so much but it’s doing something frustrating.  At least it’s pooping and not peeing out of the box.  That’s much easier to clean and actually doesn’t smell nearly as bad.
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