8 week kitten pouncing and climbing my legs

I have 8 week old kitten bottle fed had him since 6 weeks old, he has started surprise pouncing on my legs and climbing up my legs and scratches all over them when I am distracted and not paying attention to him.  He also is biting my hands in play and biting my lip and nose when he is being affectionate.  I've tried using no, ouch, and hissing sound including putting him down on the floor but continues to do it.


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    Does baby have any toys? If not, you'll need to go grab him some.  This will teach him to attack the toys, not the hands.  The biting when they're snuggling with you is because they want to nurse.  
    I just got a 12 week old kitten a few weeks ago and he does the same thing.  He tries to root around in my hair and chew on my ears.  You say baby is just 8 weeks old, so perhaps, he's not completely done with his bottle yet. If he's constantly rooting and trying to nurse, perhaps his weaning was a bit too abrupt and he wasn't ready to give up the bottle "cold turkey" lol.. 
    they grow out of that eventually. 
    Your kitten, like any baby, likes to chew on things.  He's still a little guy and hasn't learned the rules of the house yet.  He's not sure what items are toys and what aren't.  My little one is a biter too.  When he gets to biting, I give a quick and loud "ouch" and that startles him and he lets go. Then I remove my hands and grab a toy for him to play with instead.  The more I take my hand away from him and replace it with a toy, he learns. I just had to make the toy more fun to play with than my hand. 
    cats are all about incentive.. never try to punish a cat.. they won't get it and will just think you're mean. 
    With cats it's all about building associations and it's all about making sure you're encouraging and rewarding him when he's being good.
    It takes time for a baby to learn the rules of the house, but they do eventually.  Just keep him in plenty of toys and give him a good variety and he'll get the idea.
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    here's my little biter, Hazelnut.

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