Panleukopenia Contamination - Contagious House? (repost to new category)

poeticatpoeticat Member Posts: 3
In our semi-rural community, there are a lot of stray cats, some due to negligence, some due to owners leaving behind their pets. There is also a fair amount of larger predator animals that lurk nearby. Recently, this super sweet dilute calico started coming around, so we put out some Hill's i/d for her and she is always extremely hungry. She's also starved for affection. She meows and cries and tries to come inside. I feel so bad for her, but we had brought a stray inside on June 27 and she got infected with panleukopenia, either at the vet or outside our home, and we're worried the virus is still alive in our house. We've used a cleaner that is specifically for kennels and vets to clean after a parvo/feleuk/distemper infection, but we still can't be sure we cleaned enough times to kill it all. We know it can live for over a year on room temperature surfaces when not in direct sunlight, and almost none of our home is in direct sunlight.
We're more worried for her than we are for our two boy cats. They're both fully vaccinated and up to date. We're worried because the only spare room we could put her in is the same one we had Serendipity in when she first started showing symptoms. We're worried that even being on our porch could have infected her. Is the fact that she's not visibly sick yet even though she's been hanging around outside for a few weeks indicative of her wellness? Does that mean she's been vaccinated within the past three years, and thus temporarily immune? Or is it proof that the virus is only inside our house, not outside, and will bringing her inside cause her death? I just don't know what to do.
We don't want our attempt to protect and save her to be what ends up killing her. It was so hard to watch Serendipity die. It was so cruel. I lost my other female cat of nine years in 2017 and that was a wretched experience, but this might have been even worse, because she was estimated to be only 2-3 and we were told she was healthy at the vet's. Less than a week later, she was deathly ill. She didn't have a chance at life and routine vaccinations would have saved her life. 
I have no idea how old this sweetie is but I want to try to improve her life, not make it worse. 
Please advise if possible. Thank you.
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