new kittens: diarrhea and eye issue

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I just adopted two rescues a boy and girl, both close to 4 months old.  One had major parasite problems before I got him so has been underweigh, was on meds, but is back eating again and gaining weight. His bloodwork was otherwise normal.

I got them Wednesday.  First day was obviously stressful for them--new home--plus one has ringworm (which is almost gone) so the rescuer gave him a shampoo here  (to show me how) when they arrived. They initially wouldn't touch the food--it was pro plan kitten pate. The rescuer said they're very picky and ultimately she ended up feeding them Royal Canin kitten dry and pro plan adult turkey and giblets.  I ordered it and on wednesday got something similar-ish which they ate.

Thursday their food arrived and they gobbled it up. Both loved it. By the end of the day there was diarrhea.  More like very loose bowels. Not to get graphic but on that chart purina has it was around a 5. At first I thought it was just from one. By yesterday, the diarrhea continued and I realized it was from both (including the girl who had diarrhea last night with a little blood in it). 

I contacted the rescuer and it seems pretty clear it's the food since it's affecting both.  I immediately switched this morning to pro plan kitten pate--they ate a little and the boy immediately had diarrhea. The girl had diarrhea about 35 minutes later (hers was a little better--a little less loose). They wanted to eat after going to the bathroom so I gave them some wellness kitten pate and both, so far are ok.  BTW, they're alert, lively, playing, drinking water. 

I bought Fortiflora, it's arriving tomorrow and it hope it will help. 

So my first question: normally, how long does it take for diarrhea to resolve in kittens if it's from food?   Should I give it a day or so to resolve? If it doesn't resolve by tomorrow, I think I should take them (and poop samples) to a vet.

Second question/issue: The girl cat started squinting one eye (her left) yesterday.  They've been play fighting a bit--sometimes wildly (not aggressively). They've very bonded and hug and sleep together but also play. She has no discharge from the eye and today it's slightly better. I read online that most of the time, it's because of an injury. Has anyone had issues like this? 

Thanks for all your help. I'm a new kitten mommy!  
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