Desperate! Neutered Male Won't Stop Spraying! Nothing Works!

So, my husband and I are expecting our first human child in April. We moved with our 3 feline children to a new condo with brand new carpet a little over a month ago. 2 out of 3 cats have taken to the new place just fine, but my darling 4 year-old neutered male cat Pickles has been perimeter spraying all around our living room and dining room. We feel like we are fighting a losing battle. We are gone all day at work, and then sleep all night and in that time, he sprays in more spots than we can find and clean. We can smell our brand new house being destroyed. If it was just the two of us, we would clean up the mess and figure it out, but with a baby on the way, we cannot have a house coated in urine. We have tried everything we have read to do online. We sprayed Feliway all around the house. We also got a diffuser. We use enzyme cleaner. We got him a calming collar. We closed all the blinds. We re-purposed the sprayed areas. We added litter boxes. We've taken him to the vet who says he doubts any medical problem is to blame. We are taking him back tomorrow to see if maybe anti-anxiety medication could help.

Now, all we can do is try to prevent him from doing more damage - but that of course causes more stress for him, which causes more spraying. We've been closing him in our laundry room with a litter box, food, water, a bed, and toys while we're at work and at night when we are sleeping and can't watch him. It feels so cruel, but I don't know what else to do. We tried putting him in a crate with a litter box, bed, food and water at night so he could at least be in the open where he could see the other cats, but he ended up dragging the bed into the litter box and peeing all over himself. I had to give him a bath and that of course sent his stress levels through the roof. So last night he went back in the laundry room where he'll have to stay until we can be home to watch him. He yowled and cried all night.I know we can't go on like this, and if we can't fine a solution soon, then the only option will be to re-home him. I love Pickles and it breaks my heart, but my human child has to come first. 

Please, I am desperate for any advice. Has anyone else been at wits' end like this, and found a solution?
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