My cat was apparently aborted by a sick nieghbor

MagdaMagda Member Posts: 1
My kitty is as important to me as my child. When she went into hear she was a dream girl, a real lady about it. There was no catterwalling or men lined up at the door, just a very territorial little girl who wouldn't let even the Tom we were helping sleep anywhere near her. She was separated from her chosen life mate at about three months when they removed his collar and called 911 and had him euthanised. My girl came to live with me about the same time when they removed her collar and tried the same thing. When she finally showed me her round, full belly and elongated Carmichael e pink nipples I knew she had slipped around and had her a man and in about another month there would be a new addition to the household. I made arrangements, bought the lactation diet, then the birthing box. She was happy. About a week after the stuff arrived she was looking kind of svelte. I heard rumors. It became obvious her kitten had been taken. Had her gestation continued we would be about two weeks away. She has been recovering. Her belly looks like her milk is trying to come in. Two things have come up though that really concern me. While sleeping, and she has been sleeping deeply and a lot, I noticed an episode of her rooting and kneading. Her eyes were open. She looked right at me. Then it was obvious as she circled and plopped back down shewas sound asleep. Just now she stood up, yawned and stretched, jumped down to the floor, and fell fast asleep before she made it anywhere. I found her passed out on the floor beside my bed. Is she sleep walking or something else going on? She robbed a nest of a newborn rat a few days ago. He hairless. His eyes weren't even open. He was unharmed when she brought him and presented him to me. Is she upset about her son?
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