Introducing kitten to cat and dog

Katina JacobsonKatina Jacobson SoldotnaMember Posts: 2,302
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Just curious if anyone has any tips for me in introducing Sabre to Tyger and Maya. Any warnings of things I shouldnt do and any tips for introducing. Im considering maybe putting him on the bed in our bedroom and letting the dog in and introducing them there where he is high up, but not sure if this sounds good or not? Any tips are greatly appreciated!!


  • stef andstef and LemesosMember Posts: 1,132
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    You can let your other cat and your dog sniff the kitten while it is sleeping. However, it can easily wake up so a more successful way is to hold the kitten not in any case the adult cat and let the adult cat sniff it. Do they same thing with the dog, but you might want to have a friend/family member holding the dog's collar, or just keeping an eye on the dog in case it becomes too playful-we don't want the little kitten to get afraid. The adult cat might hiss at the kitten, because of the different scent.Before introducing them, take a cloth and wipe your adult cat's coat so it will get her scent.Then wipe the kitten's coat with the same cloth, so her scent will spread on the kitten. This will probably make the adult cat a bit more elastic to the presence of a kitten.
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    I already answered the dog bit (toby on the dogster forum), but I'll answer the cat bit here. What I did to introduce cats in the past is to keep the new cat in a room somewhere. Give both cats blankets, either old or new, then after a few days, swap, I swapped 4 or 5 times, then moved into the second stage. At this point I would bring the kitten in a cat basket into a neutral place, as in nowhere near the cats food or favourite sleep spots. Then see how they react. If there's a lot of hissing then call it off after 10 mins and repeat the next day. When you notice calm between the two, let the kitten out, get ready to grab him if neccesary. Personally I've found that if a cat is calm around another cat in a carrier, they'll be ok out of it too, but it pays to be cautious!
  • Katina JacobsonKatina Jacobson SoldotnaMember Posts: 2,302
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    Thank you so much on the tips!! I love the swapping blankets idea. We did show Sabre to Tyger last night just to gauge her reaction, and she didnt seem to like him, of course. Hopefully the blanket idea with the scent will help! I will let you know how it goes! :)
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