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Akk! My Mom has informed me that she's going to start brushing my teeth. This is just too weird for me to contemplate. So I'm wondering if anyone can suggest their favorite brand of poultry (or whatever) flavored toothpaste for kitties? And a toothbrush? I just turned 4 months old and I have a really small mouth so I need a tiny brush. My Mom might have to get one from my Doc. We'll see. Thanks for any suggestions. Anything to make this less weird for me is appreciated.


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    Hi Chloe Jane! First of all, let me say that you are such a sweet looking little kitten! Personally, I've never had my teeth brushed but one time I heard my doctor mention it to my mom. I know it sounds really weird to you but it's probably not that bad. Just try to relax and think about chasing mice and birds, and before you know it, it will be over!! Good luck!! Love, Midnight Helen
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    My mom uses a fingerbrush. It\'s a little, soft rubber thing that fits over her finger. It\'s made by CET and the toothpaste is also from CET. They make several different flavours and you may need to experiment to find the one that you like best. Anyway, to start, your mom can just pet your teeth once in a while. Like, say she is petting something else, like your back. She can just pet your teeth a couple of times. That will get you used to having her handle your mouth. Then, she can put the toothpaste on her finger (no brush) and pet your teeth like that. After you get used to that, she can slide the fingerbrush on her finger and brush your teeth that way. Tell her that she doesn\'t have to brush all of your teeth in a single sitting. It\'s okay to do a few at a time, depending on how tolerant you are of it. Good luck!
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    Thanks Midnight Helen and Alex! You've been helpful!! :)
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