Help needed ASAP. Worried about my cat.

Denisa DekkerDenisa Dekker Lowell / Northwest IndianaMember Posts: 5
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About 4 days ago, I gave my cat a Hartz flea treatment, it was the 4 in 1 flea and tick drops. I just got done being informed that Hartz is VERY dangerous for cats, it can lead to serious illness and even death. If you\'re unaware of this whole thing about Hartz go to I thought it was a scam at first and I thought it was fake but I did some more research on the internet and they are actually pulling it off the shelves. I had absolutely no clue that Hartz was so dangerous for cats, I\'m kicking myself now for using it on her. If I knew then what I know now I would have never used it. She isn\'t showing any signs of being sick, but I just want to know how long it takes if she was going to get sick. Should I call my vet? I guess if any damage was going to be done, it would have already, but I don\'t know if it\'s still to come.


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    According to the ASPCA website, reactions can occur up to 48 hours after exposure. You are outside that window, so you are probably safe. It\'s good that you posted this here though. It is an important warning to everyone to avoid Hartz products. During the day, while Alex works as a bed-warmer, his mom works as an environmental toxicologist. We do a lot of work with insecticides and Hartz products are bad news. On an unrelated topic, Bootsie\'s page says that she gets irritated if you touch her back too much. Do you find that her skin starts twitching frantically and she may even run away from you or bite you or her tail?
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    Oh DEAR! I would think she would have shown any ill effects by now, but I'm certainly not an expert. I'm sorry I can't be of much help, all we can do is hope that you got lucky and she will be fine. I think I would give my vet a call anyway though just to get their opinion... they may want her to be bathed just to be on the safe side, but I have no idea. I would definitely call them, but that's just me. Please keep us informed of her condition. Hartz is a VERY, VERY scary product and I'm glad they are FINALLY pulling that product off the self. I'm on Revolution which is a topical application given monthly and my roommates even HATE using that... but the vet said it is completely safe. It was originally designed to be given orally so if I accidently lick some of it's okay. Love, Saffron
  • Denisa DekkerDenisa Dekker Lowell / Northwest IndianaMember Posts: 5
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    Thanks for the info. I was thinking the same thing, that she is probably safe but I\'m going to call the vet tomorrow and get a second opinion. From now on, I\'m using vet-only flea treatments. Alex ~ In reponse to your question, YES! She does tries to bite and her skin twitches. She acts like it feels good at first, for about 5 seconds and then she gets annoyed and will try to bite and run away
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    I think it\'s wise to talk to your vet. That will give you a much better answer than you will get from well-meaning strangers on the internet. The reason I asked about her back... Alex is the same way. So was Annie, the cat I grew up with. If you grow up with a cat that gets twitchy and bites you when you touch her back, you regard that as normal and learn to back away when the twitching starts. I never thought much of it, but I recently heard that this can be related to a condition called \"hyperesthesia\". I\'m told it\'s very common in tri-colored cats. That\'s why I asked you about Bootsie. Annie was tri-colored too.
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    I thought they were taking the evil Hertz drops off the market??? Or was that a wonderful fantasy where cats don't have to get sick anymore.
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    Pokey, I\'ve been hearing that too for years. That link I posted above is from 2000 and it only talks about dog drops being used on cats because the cat drops that had that ingredient were supposed to be pulled from the market. Now, it\'s five years later it\'s still an issue...
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    Hey, Bootsie, I hope everything is okay! You\'ve gotta wonder about any flea thing that requires your human to dispose of the package in an \"environmentally responsible\" way. My human bought some of that stuff once and freaked out when she read the EPA warning on the box! She never used it on me. As for fleas and ticks, you might want to check out some more natural alternatives. For example, garlic powder in the diet can help a lot. There are a lot of holistic pet food sites that will give you good recipes (or you can check \"The New Natural Cat\" by Anitra Frazier, which is at most big bookstores).
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    Thanks for the warnings about Hartz flea meds. Mom used it on me for awhile, but it didn\'t work. She just gave me a bath with Hartz Shampoo. (not Flea shampoo, just regular.) Is this bad? Do we need to get new shampoo? (We still have almost a full bottle.)
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