4 cats...new puppy...trouble?

Rachel SegalRachel Segal AuroraMember Posts: 47
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Hey everyone! We're bringing home a new little puppy in a few days and I was wondering if anyone has any advice or ideas. Our guys and girls have all been introduced to very large labradors and were nervous but interested in them...they've also seen my friends 2lb min pin and were pretty much ambivalent to the pup. Harley is a 10 week old maltese/papillon cross who is part of an unplanned litter of a friend. I tried to resist...but he's just too sweet for words. He's been introduced to a very assertive older cat and respected the feline boundaries. We'll have the bathroom set up right now for when they can't be supervised and if all goes well, the kitchen will be rigged up with baby gates so the kitties can choose if they want to play with him or not. They're a young, laid back crew so I'm not expecting too much of a fuss...but I would love to know of anyone else's experience, especially with introducing the puppy to a MULTIPLE cat household (lots of websites with info only deal with one cat situations). =)


  • Rachel SegalRachel Segal AuroraMember Posts: 47
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    Really? No one has anything to say...=(
  • Charity JonesCharity Jones Valencia, San Fernando Valley,Member Posts: 423
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    I don't have any helpful advice at all, I just know we are seriously thinking of getting a puppy & bringing it into a 5 cat household (where there are already 2 cats who think that there the "alpha"). Please keep us updated on how the integration process goes! I'm very curious to see how it turns out! Good Luck!!! :-)
  • Rachel SegalRachel Segal AuroraMember Posts: 47
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    Woohoo!! Wow, for all that worrying, the actual introduction process was extrordinarily painless! We brought Harley home in the teeny carrier he sleeps in (little guy, 2lbs) and nonchalantley set it down on the ground. Then we proceeded to unpack a few groceries and put away some things while the 'kids' sniffed out the new package. Not one hiss...so, I unzipped the front flap a bit. Miss Penny was right in there wanting to check him out all over. Everyone else was a little more apprehensive, but till interested (and no aggression shown at any time). I pulled him out gently and kept him on his leash...the kitties didn't know what to do! Except for Penny...she just purred and purred...thanking me for bringing her home a puppy. =) Now, I don't think this is necessarily a typical response, but I think it helps that he's so small and they've met big dogs before. Also, all our cats are relatively young so their sense of territory isn't as well defined...overall, I'm just letting out a big sigh of relief! Now Harley's cuddled on the couch with my BF while I get a little work done on the computer... If you ever have any questions CJ, let me know! Good luck on your puppy hunt and I hope you have as uneventful of an experience as me! Rachel and Adam Louie, Tucker, Penny, M.J. and Harley
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