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My mom is making me write this on here... awwww mom! But she's been nervous and double checking everything that might be wrong with me and the dog who lives here after what happened with my big sister. Anyway..... every once in awhile, one of my eyes gets pink and looks irritated. My mom calls it pink eye and she has always assumed that i just got into some dust cause it's only pink for 1 day. Do you think what she is assuming is right? I don't have a pink eye right now, but the next time i do, should she take me to the vet? Or do you think i just played too hard in the attic?


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    \"Pink eye\" is another name for conjunctivitis. If you had this, you would have other symptoms and there would be no doubt in your mom\'s mind that something was wrong with you. My guess is that you probably got fur, dust, or pollen in your eye. I wouldn\'t get stressed out over it unless it lasts longer than a day or is accompanied by other symptoms besides squinting or winking.
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    I've had pink eye before with no other symptoms than a pink eye. My mommy is a worry wart and took me to the vet immediately. Well, she did the first time. The vet gave us a little tube of neosporin for the eyes (don't use the human stuff for the skin, that is totally different). Anyway, that has gotten me through three bouts of pink eye and I've only been to the vet that first time. And since it is neosporin, even if it is just irritation from dust, it isn't going to hurt to use it. If it happens regularly, I'd go to the vet and see what he says, but I'm sure it's nothing to worry about.
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