Introducing New cat to...Snickers

Maggie BohmMaggie Bohm Member Posts: 4,662
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At the very least, Snickers has an attitude. At the most, we all have thought of her attacking the new cat we may be getting. But first of all, do you think we should get a boy or girl? But back to the story. When we got her, the information from the shelter said she was good with other pets. Now that her buddy(my dog Jessie) went to the Rainbow Bridge, she seems lonely. I want to get her another cat to play with but I'm seriously afraid she'll attack it. So do you guys have any ideas on how to introduce the two without a fight? Thanks!


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    Read the thread about me hissing at the kitten!!! Mom was sure I would kill a new cat and was SCARED. But now it's been about 5 weeks and for the past two weeks me and the kitten have been fine. I could attack her if I wanted...I'm so big and she's so little...but I don't!!! And I'm kind of a mean kitty! It took me 3 weeks. Don't rush it. They say that getting a cat of the opposite sex is the safest bet. And if you can get a kitten, she would be less likely to hurt it.
  • Leigh PetersonLeigh Peterson AkronMember Posts: 796
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    Also, I have never been one to "talk" to my cat, but with that in mind, here are two things that really helped me: 1) At first I was nervous, thinking in my mind that Charlie might hurt the kitten. I had to work hard to calm myself down. When Charlie hissed at her, I had to stop saying things like "Charlie, that's not nice, she's just a kitten!" and start giggling a little and saying things like "Charlie you're such a big boy. You're the king of the house, let her know it." I know it seems odd, but by saying that I was giving off an energy to Charlie that this isn't a big deal, I'm not upset with him, I'm not upset that there's a new kitten in the house. I was giving off an energy of "this is normal." 2) I kept Aura in one bedroom for 3 weeks and only let her out when Charlie was confined in another room. After 3 weeks, rather than making an effort to take Aura to where the Charlie was and then watching closely and reacting, instead I blocked off Charlie from the living room while I was in there with the kitten and let him see me having fun with the kitten. He saw that she was ok and welcome. He quickly made an effort to come into the room rather than run away from her. That was a big step.
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