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Are Rosettes like Role-Over-Minutes?

Jennifer BakerJennifer Baker NashvilleMember Posts: 36
edited 14 November, 2006 in Plus Informational
Ok, this may be a silly question and it might have been answered before... but do you loose your rosettes that you do not use at the end of the month? Or do they role-over and add to the next months rosette allowance? Thanks for your help in advance. :-)


  • Melissa FordMelissa Ford Santa CruzMember Posts: 3,914
    edited 11 November, 2006
    This was taken from the FAQ page: How long do I have to give my Rosettes away? You will have 1 month to give you Rosettes away or else they will expire, but usually that means (if you're still a subscriber) that you'll get a new bunch delivered. Basically, there is no carry over. You get 25 per month to give away. If you only gave 5 away this month, you won't have 30 next month. You'll have 25. So stay active and give away those Rosettes. UPDATE: You now have 35 days instead of one month to give away Rosettes. Yay!
  • Niki MattsonNiki Mattson St. PaulMember Posts: 20,360
    edited 11 November, 2006
    Yeah, but I don't know, a couple of months in a row, I had 45 rosettes to give away, and that was before all this zaelie stuff started
  • Melissa FordMelissa Ford Santa CruzMember Posts: 3,914
    edited 11 November, 2006
    Squeakers, I know what you mean. I had extras this month too, as I didn't use them all up last month. I would say that is an exception to the rule. (I am trying to use them all up, so I don't lose them, just in case).
  • Jennifer BakerJennifer Baker NashvilleMember Posts: 36
    edited 11 November, 2006
    Thanks you guys! ***blushes*** I could have look a little further before posting this. I had no idea it was in the FAQ section. Thanks Hunter and Squeaker.
  • Lindsay RoweLindsay Rowe ArcticMember Posts: 1,776
    edited 11 November, 2006
    They don't seem to be 100% consistant, but it usually works in our favor. :) We've had up to 45 some months, and sometimes they are re-filled a day or so early. We don't understand how it all works, but we like it! Now we're eagerly awaiting the Holiday special rosettes; hopefully they're snowflakes.
  • Penny PerkinsPenny Perkins Member Posts: 1,263 ✭✭✭
    edited 14 November, 2006
    This may be a silly question but I also do not understand the Rosettes. If I became a member on Sept 18th and they gave me 25, and I used all 25 by Oct. 20th which is in the 35 days, on Oct 18th they gave me another 25 rosettes. If you look I have only used 35 of them and when I check to see how many I have left it says I only have 3. Am I doing the math wrong? I think that I should have 15 left. Can anyone tell me if I am wrong or if catster is? Thanks for your help.
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