Coughing for attention?

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Hello, kitties! Mom wanted me to write this note to see if there are any other cats who do this. Every now and then (maybe once a month or less), I will cough for no reason. Whenever I do, mommy will come to me and rub my throat and talk softly to me and hold me. As soon as she starts doing that I will stop and be fine. She wonders if it might be a behavioral thing. I feel fine, I'm eating and playing normally and never cough except at those times. Any other kitty do this? Love Midnight Helen


  • Ronda CarteRonda Carte Hurricane. WVMember Posts: 6
    edited 27 February, 2006
    Oh, Midnight! I don\'t understand WHY you would cough for attention! You get a LOT of attention from your mother anyway! It doesn\'t sound like you are MUST be doing it for attention.
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    Hello, cuz. To be honest, it seems like I only do it when mother and brother are laughing or talking and just ignoring me. HA!! You should see the way she comes over and smothers me with love and attention. Sucker!!! You should try it sometime, it's great!
  • jen clarkjen clark StrongsvilleMember Posts: 1,099
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    hhhmm... I have honestly never heard a cat cough before. ::scratches head:: Does it sound like one of those human coughs? Love, Saffron
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    Actually it sounds more like I'm trying to bring up a fur ball. But I'm telling you it works every time if you want some extra attention from your mommy.
  • Katherine GrayKatherine Gray Member Posts: 94
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    I have never coughed for attention, but I do limp for attention! When Mom is watching, I will limp on one of my front paws, but as soon as she stops watching I walk normally again. She falls for it every time!
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    Oh Gus, that's so funny because I did that once too. I limped to the point of mommy actually taking me to the vet, thinking that I broke something. As soon as we got in the exam room and she put me up on that cold metal table, guess what? I jumped down and ran around the room like a wildcat, and never did limp again!
  • Charity JonesCharity Jones Valencia, San Fernando Valley,Member Posts: 423
    edited 27 February, 2006
    Midnight Helen, don\'t feel alone, girlfriend! I faked full on asthma attacks. It was great! Mom & dad would freak out & make a huge fuss over me & baby me & it was AWSOME! What is not so awsome was when they hauled me to 3 different vets to figure out what was wrong with me....the last vet they saw finally called my bluff. He asked mom & dad TONS of questions & then pointed out very gently that my \"asthma attacks\" shouldn\'t turn into purrs as soon as I had everyones undivided attention! ;-) However, I am allergic to scented candles & that\'s no bull!
  • edited 27 February, 2006
    Oh my gosh, Jordan!! I think that's why mommy hasn't taken me to the vet yet--because the second she lays down beside of me and starts rubbing my throat and talking to me, I start purring and acting fine, no more coughing, no nothing. I think she's on to me. Even so, it's a great way to get babied and loved--you're right about that!!
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