Is she upset or sick?

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Recently, my Ashes has been urinating in strange places. Two nights ago, she peed on my younger sister\'s bed and duvet, then the following night she peed on my bed once, and then again earlier today. I keep her litter box clean, and change her food and water daily, and keep her living spaces clean as well. I\'m trying to decide if she\'s showing her displeasure with me over something I\'ve done (or haven\'t done?), or whether it\'s an infection of some sort and I should take her to the vet. I really hope it\'s something temporary though. Any insight that can be offered would be of great help. Thanks, in advance!


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    It is always smart to have a sudden behavior change checked out with an examination. Vets are taught to rule out physical causes before jumping to the conclusion that something is a behavioral issue because many times a "behavior problem" isn't so. For example, cats with urinary tract infections, often urinate in odd places because it hurts to urinate, and we associate the pain of the urination with the box, so we mistakenly assume that if we pee on the sink, or the bedspread, or the bathtub that everything will be OK. Have your mom tke you to your vet, and expect them to do an exam and take a urine sample for analysis--they may also want an additional sample for a culture to find out exactly what bacteria is causing the infection. Then you can probably expect a few weeks of antibiotics. EW. Good luck
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    has your kitty been introduced to new kitties lately ? my older kitty,Sebrina, detests other kitties, and she has to be in a separate room or else she pees everywhere. the most odd palces were on my fiance's birthday cake and inside the stove. once we isolated her, she was fine.
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