Herpes virus and Lysine dosage

Teresa ConcannonTeresa Concannon Member Posts: 7,378
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I\'ve been diagnosed with conjunctivitis and am getting Terramycin ointment in my eyes. It seems to be helping. My vet thinks I have the herpes virus and that may be causing the conjunctivitis. Up until now, I\'ve shown no symptoms of having herpes and mommy was wondering how and where I got it. She didn\'t know that 90% of cats have or carry the herpes virus. It lies latent and suppressed in healthy cats until the immune system is weakened under stress. Mine has been weakened from the stress of cancer, chemo and surgery. Mommy also didn\'t know that the herpes virus can cause corneal ulcers, a very serious problem that can cause blindness if not treated! My vet wants me to take Lysine. I\'ve been told that lysine takes a while to start working but *l-lysine slowly starves out the herpesvirus. It does a bait and switch for a critical enzyme herpesvirus needs in order to replicate - eventually the virus is unable to replicate.* The vet gave mommy lysine paste to put in my food but I won\'t eat the food with that in it (mommy is going to have to put it on my tongue!) She ordered Viralys and we\'re waiting for it to arrive. I\'ve also been told about lysine treats but mommy will wait to see if the Viralys works. Question about dosage: My vet recommends 500 mg. to start and then a maintenance dosage of 250 mg. A very knowledgeable person whose cat also has cancer, herpes virus and severe eye problems recommends 500 mg. a day forever. Does anyone have any knowledge about lysine dosages for cats with cancer or any suggestions they can give me? Purrs, Miss Mittens


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    My vet also prescribed lysine gel for me, but I wouldn\'t touch the stuff! Mom finally threw it out, and she just looked to see if she could find record of the prescription, but it isn\'t in my file. My symptoms come around sometimes, but right now they are gone. I do not have any other physical problems, so mom can\'t make a recommendation for you - sorry. Perhaps you can contact your vet and ask about the conflicting information just so you are sure. My brother was just diagnosed with cancer, and so we understand your battle. Take care.
  • Teresa ConcannonTeresa Concannon Member Posts: 7,378
    edited 12 January, 2010
    Hi Carson, Thank you for responding! My mom ordered Viralys, a L-lysine supplement powder formulated for cats, and it arrived this afternoon. Mom put a dose in a small amount of wet food and guess what? I ate all of the food! The recommended dosage for Viralys is 1 scoop twice a day. 1 scoop is 250 mg. of lysine, so 2 scoops is 500 mg. I guess that answers my question -- 500 mg. a day!
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