Raising paw when sitting?

Tammie PierceTammie Pierce Member Posts: 4
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Seven weeks ago our baby fell three stories. Roosevelt has had his cast off of his front left leg for about two weeks now, and had the ball joint removed from his back right leg for six weeks! He's running around, climbing the furniture, swatting, and generally being a normal kitty with just a little wobble in his step. I be he doesn't even know he's missing part of the bone in his back leg! The only thing that I'm worried about is his new 'habit' of raising his front right leg when he stands. After his accident (when his left leg was in a cast) he always held his right arm too him (elbow flexed inward) and his paw limp when he laid down. When he walked with the cast on, it seemed like his leg was bent strangely at the joint. Its hard to describe, but the joint above his paw seemed to go out, rather than straight like all cats when they walk. It didn't seem to hurt him besides general soreness (he did fall three stories!) After the cast came off this bend improved, and now he straightens this leg almost completely down. However, he seems to walk softly on this leg, mainly because it is not extending straight down like the other one. Now he's taken to raising the leg just slightly when standing. He doesn't lift the paw completely off the ground, and he doesn't pull it up to his chest..the tip of his paw is just barely off the ground - like that leg is shorter is what it looks like. I've also noticed that when playing or climbing he doesn't seem to be able to extend the claws in that paw very well. When he grabs onto something with both paws, that paw's claws never extend, and when they do the tugging force behind it is much weaker than the other paw (which has been in a cast for 5 weeks!). He runs around, plays, and the leg doesn't seem to hurt him. He doesn't cry when we touch it, although he pulls it back quickly when we touch around the elbow - I can't tell if this is because he just doesn't want us messing with his legs, since he's not crying or mewing. I've been pretty lucky in that I've never had a pet seriously injured before. Unfortunately now, I don't really know how to approach Roosevelt's quirks post-surgery. The xrays showed no broken bones in this leg... could it just be growth plate damage and this leg actually is shorter now? A sprain that's still hanging around 6 weeks later? Or just a little kitty quirk? Any tips or ideas would really be appreciated!


  • Christina WahlChristina Wahl Member Posts: 164
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    My dog had something similar happen. She eventually got over it but will still do this from time to time. She broke her lower arm jumping a baby gate to get in the kitchen. But our vet said she would eventually stop doing it. Just a habit from doing it so much for a while with the cast on they said. They did check her paw for any lumps or stiffness too. Might wanna check your kittys if they will let you. Good luck, hope this helps.
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    I agree with Ziggy. The trauma has to heal and that only takes time. Sootball here was dragging his front left leg and I had to keep him in the house for a week.. (he was not at all happy about that). I talked to a Woman at Petco when I was there working for Nutro and she told me to check for a bite. I did not see or feel one then. But last week he was holding that leg up a bit. I picked him up and felt a small indent. I shaved the spot and found that he did have a bite and it was not infected or abscessed. He is a very healthy and lucky kitty. The vet said he would be alright and no meds were given. Soot can lick the spot better now that I shaved it. Good luck and just keep an eye on him! He did fall 3 stories after all.. wow |:| and head butts edited because I forgot an "h" and a "g".. mol
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    Could be maybe he has a little nerve damage in that leg from the fall. It takes a looong time for nerves to heal, and that won't show in an xray (my Mom has been through a bunch, so I know a little about nerve damage) Maybe some gentle massage if he will let you & keep an eye on it. It may take 3 to 4 months to heal nerves.
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    It sounds exactly like nerve damage. My cat Misty had a nerve injury in her front left leg/paw and it did take awhile to heal. It isn't quite 100% better today but it is much, much better than it was. We used Prednisone for awhile-this doesn't heal the nerve damage but we found it made her more likely to walk on that foot which then helped build up strength in it. The other thing which is really useful is supplementing with Methylcobalamin which is a form of B12 that is scientifically proven to heal nerves. It is a fantastic supplement. We first used the powder but the amount required to get in her food was a bit much so we switched to drops. We still use the drops on a weekly basis as maintenance. Other than that, gentle massage and patience will go a long way!! Sending you lots of healing vibes!!
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