A new friend. 3 Questions.

Tracy SandersonTracy Sanderson BoulderMember Posts: 6
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Question #1. I know lots of you kitties live in homes with other kitty friends and I need your help. Mommy and Daddy want to get a new friend for Iris and I. I\'m almost 5 months old and Iris is 8 and we are both beautiful black girl kittens. Would a specific age of kitty and/or gender fit along best with our family. Mommy has been reading online and she thinks a young male kitten would be least likely to upset us and subject to Iris being the boss (I\'m working on that), but she is not sure. Question #2: Should we bring home our new friend before or after Christmas? After would be easier since we are driving to Michigan (from Colorado) but Mommy is worried that kitties in shelters are forgotten and lonely during the holidays when everybody gets so busy and she has been watching the number of kitties in the local shelters climb. Also Mommy and Daddy both have about a month off around Christmas so that they could spend lots of time with our new friend. Question #3: Are Siamese kitties really more active and playful? Do they really talk a lot? Iris talks to Mommy and Daddy a lot and they like it and they want a playful active kitty that can keep up with me (Iris sleeps a lot). Plus they think Siamese cats are cute (though not as cute as me, but Mommy\'s afraid that if there is anther black cat in the house it will start to get confusing.) Phew! This was long and I\'m tired and hungery. Dinner time!


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    Siamese tend to be more talkative in general and also tend to have longer life spans than your typical cat, however, many of them have kidney problems later in life, so just be aware of that. Getting a male or a female kitten is really a choice you will have to make on your own. Personalities are much more important than sex. They all tend to react differently, so taking the cats in to "visit" w/ prospective new kitties (if the shelter allows it) would be best. I would wait until after the holiday to get the new addition. The shelters are crawling w/ cats right now, but many of them will get adopted to be given as gifts (nopt recommended). Many of these cats will be returned to the shelter after the holidays, because the new owner really did not want them to begin with. Since you are going on a trip, waiting will be best as to minimize the stress on the new one as much as possible. BTW, I don't think having 3 black kitties in a house would be confusing. I'd think about keeping up w/ your color scheme :)
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