Oh no! Worms. :(

Victoria PrechelVictoria Prechel Member Posts: 21
edited 20 January, 2010 in Cat Health
So, about a month ago I started noticing white speck on Kevin's tail and around that general area. They looked like grains of rice. I figured they were worms and I got Strongid Sm from the vet. Its an icky looking yellowish liquid. I've administered it to him twice, and I'm still noticing the little white rice specks on his tail. At least once a day, usually more. I don't know anything about worms, or what kind it is. But do I have the right medicine? Why is the problem not going away?


  • Sharon MurphySharon Murphy SurreyMember Posts: 1,652
    edited 15 January, 2010
    I'm not an expert on worms, either, but I do know that sometimes after a tapeworm dies, you will continue to see the specks of dead worm being eliminated. You should call your vet to be sure, but I'm guessing that's what's happening.
  • Leigh PetersonLeigh Peterson AkronMember Posts: 796
    edited 16 January, 2010
    Your kitty has tapeworms from fleas. Strongid is not effective against tapeworm, sorry. Your vet was irresponsible in giving you a medicine without checking what type of worm it was first. I'm not going to tell you what medicine to ask for because your vet should know better :))
  • Christina WahlChristina Wahl Member Posts: 164
    edited 16 January, 2010
    just go to the pet store they sell OTC meds for tape worms even at walmart I think.
  • Sharon MurphySharon Murphy SurreyMember Posts: 1,652
    edited 20 January, 2010
    Aura makes a good point! It helps if the vet gives the right medicine!! Mind you, he might have had roundworms, as well, but now it's time to get the right meds from your vet!!
  • Kate RousseauKate Rousseau West KennebunkMember Posts: 113
    edited 20 January, 2010
    Definitely tape worms. Strongid is only effective against roundworm really,we use Cestex at the shelter for tape worms. Quite honestly, I don't trust any dewormer or cheap flea preventative sold at Wal-Mart and other such stores, I'd rather just get the right stuff from my vet.
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