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I have an 18 year female cat, and two kittens a male and female. Last month I lost Fergie\'s sister to cancer and kidney disease. Last Saturday I brought Fergie, Gracie and Harry to the vet for an examination. I had a different vet from Lady\'s vet perform the examination. At the vet we mentioned to him that Fergie\'s left eye was having problems. He did not hear what we said so we went home and Fergie\'s eye got worse. I called the vet and they gave me eye drops and told me to come into antibiotic shot which lasts 2 weeks. In addition to exam Fergie had a senior screening. Lab results came back on Monday showing Fergie\'s condition far worse than my cat that passed away. The vet said it was \"weird\" because he had never seen a cat look that good appear in numbers to be that sick. I questioned the numbers and replied back well I doubt its a kidney infection at her age. Well, tonight my kitten now has the same eye infection in the exact same eye. The other kitten had eye problems a week ago. I am going to have my older cat retested because I think the lab made a mistake. Fergie is eating and drinking and not exhibiting the same types of problems her sister had. I know all cats are different but I think the lab erred. I believe part of the problem was the kittens and the adjustment. We just got the kittens less than a month ago. I also believe the commercial cat food I was giving Fergie was polluting her system. This same cat food was recalled in 2007. In 2007 there was a huge pet food recall because it caused kidney failure in cats and dogs. I was wondering if anyone had problems with commercial cat foods and possibly experienced the same thing I did with the care of their cats. Thanks!


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    What exactly "senior screening" was she given? Was it a CBC and Wellness blood panel? If you don't know, you need to ask. Was the blood panel, if thats what they did, done in house, or sent to a lab, like Antech or Idexx? You need to find out, and, request a copy of it. On there, it shows exactly what values they tested for, what her values are, and what the normal value range is. Any values, depending on what they are, that are way too low or way too high, the vet should investigate, especially, if the values that are not normal, point to issues senior cats face. The vet also needs to confir, with the specialists at the labs, thats what they are there for, to help your vet, and they should decide, if the lab made a mistake, which is possible, and they should re-pull the blood, and have it tested again. When Smokey's ALT value (liver) came out at 917, normal is 10-100, the specialist, called my vet, and they decided, to run the test again, same sample, when it still came out at 917, the specialist called my vet again, and said re-pull her blood again, and we want to test it again, no cost to me. Turns out it was 917. But the specialist was very pro active, in making sure there was no error. This was Antech, they are in MS, I can't say enough about that specialist, who was instrumental, in assisting my vet with getting the right tests and meds, 3 months later, she was fine. If you ask your vet a question, and he either doesn't hear it, or doesn't ans it to your satifaction, you need to ask it again. If she had eye issues, I am concerned, that the vet didn't mention it and give you meds there. If you think you might forget, what your questions are, or get side tracked, write them down ahead of time, take them in with you, and check them off, as they are ansered. Your vet should of also discussed with you, the different care and nutritional needs of a senior cat, and checked her teeth. Here is a link on senior cat care, discuss any concerns you have with your vet, write down your questions ahead of time. Best of luck. :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D
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    Thank you so much!
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