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Jennifer SzucsJennifer Szucs ChathamMember Posts: 3,765
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Well on Monday we went to the vets and brought all 4 cats for a check up and vaccines. Stella has very bad gingivitis. Could benefit from a dental. The one side is worse and looks like the tooth almost has a cavity or is seperating from gum line I dont know. So they told me to start brushing which I am awful and havent as the cats all hate it and run away from me then hate me after and I hate being the mean toothbrush lady mol! So anyways I started to use petz life oral gel and brush everyday. Well a week of daily brushing seems to have irritated it even worse. Looks painful. She wont eat much(she gets mainly soft food) and the little she eats she has been vomiting. So I am worried its because of the teeth. I called and will have a dental quote on Monday. But do you think this is because of the gingivitis and me brushing?


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    I am surprised that your vet didn't do anything about the tooth if it is infected. Infections in teeth are very serious for cats and humans. I would try another vet as soon as possible especially where she is not eating and vomiting. Cats should not go long without eating. By Monday, she would feel terrible. Would you wait that long for an infected tooth? My dad was a dentist. An infection can affect your overall health. Find someone else soon....tomorrow is Saturday and vets are avaible. Sunday is not a good day to bring your cat to a vet. Brushing does not take an infection away. Brushing is proactive not reactive. Cats hid their problems. My own cat had to have two teeth remove and she showed no reactions. Check it out please....
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    Well I work at the vet clinic actually so I cant go anywhere else. But I know if it was infected they would have seen it and said something. Just its at the point where its gingivitis and she did end up eating everything finally. Just she normally eats it all at once she is a piggy. And I am a huge worry wart she just was in Monday and had a reaction to the vaccine so I brought her back in for that because I panicked. But I wonder if its still a left over thing from her reaction. I just know when I was a kid I had gingivitis and my mom thought it was the flu at first because I had the fever really bad and couldnt eat much ended up it was my gums!!!! So I was just curious if gingivitis would cause this as well. From brushing her gums actually are not as red as they were but I am still sure that I ended up irritating it to so Im sure it hurts. Plus that one tooth its hard to explain but it almost looks like a cavity. Everywhere I read about gingivitis its only common for them to stop eating when its really bad cases. I was just curious more then anything else. Trying to weigh out all the possibilities.
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    I know what you mean with the teeth. My vet calls them lesions and I think it is where there is some erosion of the tooth enamel but not a full cavity yet. Brushing will help the gums and if you get the dental done it will stop decay too but you really need the dental 1st. While she's under the vet can take a good look at the tooth and decide if it needs to come out or is OK.
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    YES Freckles I think that might be what it is!!! The vet said I just couldnt remember the word LESIONS. Well Im getting the quote on Monday and I hope its not to scary because I think I really want to get the dental asap as it will be much easier just to start fresh with her and then not be so stupid and brush her teeth daily from now on. Thanks so much.
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