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Marta GasperMarta Gasper FairburyMember Posts: 636
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Anybody out there that's hung up on a food, or treat? We're baby food junkies.. Meowmy has always given baby food as a treat (not regular food of course) to sick, finicky or kitties that must swallow a bitter med. Well, we're rescues that she had to give med in the food, so to disguise the horrible taste, she'd add some baby food to it, not much and we gulped down every bit. That was 2 months ago. By now we've are off meds but our sisfur Suzette won't eat any food unless it has bf on top, M was reducing amounts to get us off (thanks M) eventually, and we're doing OK but Suz won't touch anything unless it is well slathered with bf. Then she eats the top and leaves the rest, we eat all of it but still need bf, what can Meowmy do to get our junkiest sisfur to eat the good food ( she does eat dry food all right but not canned)


  • Jerry MikutisJerry Mikutis ChicagoMember Posts: 135
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    Do you mix in the baby food, or do you just put it on top? Maybe mixing it in would help her get used to the new food you'd rather have her eat. I'm not sure if you want to transition her to dry or wet, but here's a good article for transitioning cats to wet food - maybe you can use some of these techniques. I was a dry food addict and overweight at 20 lbs, but now I love my wet food and slowly losing weight! Thankfully mom didn't have to go so drastic as some of these techniques were, but she was glad to hear that there were some alternatives out there.
  • Kimi HKimi H SunderlandMember Posts: 2,257
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    When we had finicky babies who only wanted wet food, and not the dry stuff (which is so much better for the teeth!) we had one trick that never seemed to fail. We'd get a small dish of hard crunchy kitty food. Run the water in the tap till it's hot. Then, we'd put enough of that hot water on the food to cover it, then we'd let it sit till it soaked right through. Now, the crunchy stuff is mushy and warm! It's irresistable. Gradually, you lessen the amount of water you add until they're eating it at full crunch. ;3
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