I'm being a naught girl, and my parents are stumped!

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Hi everyone! My name is Lexy, and lately I\'ve started acting strangely. My parents can\'t figure out why or what to do about it. (he he he). Lately I\'ve decided that I don\'t want to go #2 in my litter box anymore, and that I\'d rather go in the living room. They do keep my litter box very clean, I\'ll give them that much, and I use it for #1. Nothing unusual has been going on around here...I mean we recently had a loss, but they know it\'s not that, because I started going elsewhere a few weeks ago. What really gets them is that I am acting more friendly and social than I usually do, and I even got my dogs trained (finally!) so that I can sleep in their beds, drink their water, and get them to leave any area whenever I please. Honestly, I think life\'s going great about now, but my parents seem to be getting really steamed about my poo poo problem. Can you please help them figure me out, because I\'m getting a little sick of being scolded about it.


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    We had this problem with Toby and Tatum -but that's cause they wanted it scooped twice a day! That took care of the problem for us, but I know you said it's clean. Maybe a change in food? We got worried about Oscar and Sundance cause they wouldn't eat -they were getting fed at the neighbours- tuna no less! Good luck in figuring out whatever it is!
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    I've never been too picky about how clean my boxes are, as long as there's a place to go. I mean it's not like I plan on buring it anyway! And nope, they have been giving me the same crunchy food for years, and I still love it. In fact, I've been eating like there's no tomorrow, for some reason...it's not like I have to impress anyone with my not-so-slim figure.
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    Is there only one litterbox? Lots of very picky kitties don\'t like to do both activities in one box. Maybe your folks can put out an extra litterbox and see if that helps.
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    Stress is the #1 reason cats start practicing unbecoming bathroom behavior like in your case Lexy and that's quite understandable seeing what you've been through. You probably don't go #1 on the carpet because that will sometimes get on your paws and ICK! Many cats will use the bathtubs and sinks for #1 and the carpet for #2. Your mom may want to smell the tubs and sinks real well or get a black light and check them out to be sure. You mentioned you've been more social and friendly than usual too, which is a big sign of insecurity, which is probably that darn stress rearing it's ugly head again. Cats are very fragile creatures emotionally. We do not like change and have a hard time adapting to it. If you have been eating normal (no significant increase or decrease), you have been drinking water as normal, getting your normal amount of exercise, don't have a fever, or have a cough, etc...then I really think this is stress-related. Our human loon has found in situations like these that there is a feline calming pheremone called Feliway that you can find at specialty pet stores like PetsMart or Petco that can help with our stress levels. Your mom might want to try it and see if it helps you. Also, you said that they keep your litter box very clean. Ask you mom to increase the scooping for the time being to help you with the stress of the situation. Just have her scoop it when she happens to pass by it, several times a day if necessary. And for right now, ask her not to scold you too bad because I don't think you are doing this out of spite...I think it is more of a nervous habit from the stress.
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    Any behavior change should warrent a visit to your vet to make sure there are no underlying physical causes. Bring a stool sample, too! Assuming everything is OK... 1. If there is more than one cat in the house, you need to have at least one litterbox per cat + 1 box...so if there are 2 cats, you need 3 litterboxes. It is usually a good idea to seperate these boxes so, if you have, say an obnoxious sibling who like to beat you up when you are in the box, he can't guard ALL of them all the time! 2. Some cats like to urinate on one type of litter and defecate on another. So, if it is just you, your mom and dad can try 2 boxes with a different type of litter in each one (say, scoopable and regular clay or wheat and recycled paper) If you're an only child, there's obviously no need to widely seperate the boxes! 3. Sometimes what works (assuming you are going in the same place each time) is putting a small box where you are having accidents. Every few days your mom can move the box a couple feet toward where she WANTS it...this can take a few weeks to completely work. 4. In extreme cases, you may need medicine (temporarily) to help calm your nerves--but you really need to talk to your vet about that, and he is going to want to see you before giving you anything. 5. It sound like your mom keeps your boxes sparkly clean...she should clean them at least once a day, but I know some kitties that are so demanding they want it scooped twice a day! Or more! Craziness! Good luck, I hope you mend your ways soom,before your mom and dad get REALLY mad at you!!
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    Thanks everyone, you gave my mom and dad a few things to work with.
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