Diarrhea, worms, and a worried mom.

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Hey guys! Mom and dad took me in off the street, so I'm not in the best of health. They took me to the vet, who was very worried about my diarrhea. He said it could be caused by the wormies that I have (but I was given medication for). But mom's still worried. She read that feeding me canned pumpkin can help. Has anyone ever eaten this? has it worked? Do you like the taste, or did your parent have to mix it with wet food? Or, do you have any other home remedies? Mom's also freaked out by my worms. She is afraid that she and dad could catch them by being careless while cleaning up after me. She bought herself some herbal parasite cleanse just to be safe (she's a bit of a hypochondriac!) Have any of you ever transmitted roundworms to your parents? Thank you in advance!


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    I'm so glad your parents took you off the street! Mommy used to have a kitten long before I came along and that kitten had worms pretty bad too. Mommy could see the worms every time she pooped and sometimes there was blood too. She also took medicine (probably the same thing you're taking) and also the vet put her on a very bland diet of things like cottage cheese, rice., but you might want to ask your vet about the pumpkin, I'm not sure about that. He (or she) might want you to be on the same kind of boring diet that mommy's kitten had. As far as your humans catching the worms, I don't think that would happen...but anyway, I really hope you feel better soon! Keep us posted! Love Midnight Helen
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    I've had to deal with worms too, both my own and my sister, Marina's. Just have your mommy watch you carefully and follow the vet's instructions. If she is worried, she can always call the vet for advice. Good luck!
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    I get worms every once in a while. Mom makes me take this nasty yellow pill to kill them. Then the vet suggested that she give my best bud and I this liquid that is supposed to prevent worms. It sounds too good to be true. We haven't had worms for quite awhile now. Then again, mom doesn't let us go to the basement much anymore (that's where we'd get to eat all kinds of goodies). I agree, just have your mom watch the poo poo carefully, they will go away. And NO, your mom won't get worms.
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    Canned pumpkin is actually better for the opposite problem..constipation! But it is kinda yummy, if an odd food for cats to eat. Round worms CAN be given to humans, but the route is fecal-oral...meaning, and this is gross, that your humans need to have ingested fecal material. IF they were cleaning up the diarrhea with gloves, or paper towels and then washing their hands they are most likely FINE. Round worm infestation in people in the US is uncommon but it is also a potentially serious health risk. Your mom should call her own MD and talk to him/her about any possible exposure and what medication she should take, if any. I don't want to scare you and your mom (I know you said she can be a little sensitive about this) but you also need to be aware there isn't zero risk here either...if your folks were using common sense about washing hands after handling your litterbox/messes and before eating, these simple procedures kept them perfectly safe.
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    Awww YTBN kitty ... You are SOOOO lucky! You found a forever home and a loving mom and dad who will take good care of you! I read your story and it was so sweet. My Mommy read it and said it made her teary ... she gets teary a lot reading Catster stories! Good luck with the um, diarrhea. I had that recently, but Mom got me some medicine from the vet and it cleared up! Take care and welcome to Catster! Daisy
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