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A few years ago my mother and I tried to get into the breeding. Not for profit, we've just always had a passion for Persians. So we purchased an Exotic SH champion stud and a breeding-quality queen from a reputable breeder/shower. She helped us out quite a bit and offered to mentor me and take me to shows with her. However, we realized just how expensive and time-consuming it was to breed responsibly and decided to stop after litter #2. That was 3 years ago. We screened all of our buyers and the kittens from our litters all went to excellent homes... or so we thought. I browse my local pets page on Craigslist occasionally and a couple of days ago I saw an ad with a picture of an Exotic Shorthair. The people are putting it up for adoption and it is the same age as the last litter of kittens would be now. She looks IDENTICAL to Cassy, the one from that litter we kept. The ad also mentions she has papers, which we gave everyone as well. And I know that there was a red tabby female from the litter. I am convinced this is one of our babies. The breed isn't very popular. A lot of people don't even know shorthair persians exsist. It's too much of a coincedence. They forgot to put their contact info in the ad so I posted an ad titled "reply to Exotic Shorthair". They haven't responded so far. It's been 2 days! What if they never check back?? We asked EVERYONE to please return the kittens if they could no longer keep them for whatever reason. I'm a little pissed. But I'm more pissed at ourselves because we've moved twice since and cannot find our papers (we kept the names of everyone we sold to). I've searched frantically and I think my mother must have thrown them out thinking we wouldn't need them. She would never admit to that though, knowing how upset I would be (since this has come up). AHHHH!!! What more can I do??? I don't want her to end up with some creep from Craigslist!!! I know, I know... this is why people shouldn't get into breeding. We realize this.


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    If the ad you posted on Craigs list, had your name or contact info, sorry, don't how it works, mol, the person may have recognized it as yours, and may have been too embarressed to reply, or they may have thought they would get yelled at. I would ask one of your friends to post an ad, asking for an Exotic, put red, female or male, preferred already s/n. If the info matchs exactly, the person might figure it out, so if you are more broad, they might not catch on. I would also look in the pet section of the newspaper, and see if they posted an ad in there. If you get real desperate, put up a post, specifically asking for the specific kitten back, say no ques asked, and offer to pay for the kitten, like $100, so it is worth it to the person to respond. Best of luck. :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D
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    That is one of the nice things about using a good and ethical breeder - they , like you ( even though you say you were a novice) , ask to be contacted if for any reason a cat needs to be rehomed. I know they also love to get pictures and updates ( at least I hope they really love it......) to see how their kittens mature Anyway, you mention that you have moved twice, is it possible , if this is your kitten , that they could not locate you? Hopefully the person will respond to your reply so you know. If not I hope this kitty gets a good loving home. Not everyone who uses craigs list is a troll, and sometimes purebred rescues check the listings too and \"rescue\" cats like this one. Also- could you trace via CFA or TICA the current registrations of your littens using the litter registration numbers? Just a thought....
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    Thanks for both of your suggestions! I did, however, think about the fact that they may not get back to me if I posted that I was the breeder. All I put in my ads so far is that I'm very interested and I'd like to know more about her. I put my e-mail as my contact but no name and no number. I've posted one ad a day since. Still no reply :( Also, we've only moved within our surrounding cities and all of our buyers were given our cell phone numbers. We are thinking it is possible she lost it or is just too ashamed to call us. Hopefully if this is our cat, she will find a good home. That is a really good idea to see if I can track her down using CFA. Do you think they'll give us their names? Or would that be against privacy rules and what not? I'll check into it. All of our cats' papers were in with our files that we can't find. But I memorized both my stud and queens full names. Does anyone know how I would go about doing this?
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