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I have a \\\"pooch\\\"

Mitch CarterMitch Carter ChattanoogaMember Posts: 11
edited 9 December, 2006 in Food & Nutrition
I am a little over 8 months old, and I am starting to develop a \"pooch\" around my mid-section. You know, I have this super fuzzy area just below my tummy, and between my back legs, that tends to hang lower than the rest of my torso (although it certainly is still far from touching the floor!). My papa can\'t find anything about it online. Does anyone know what this is? If it is caused by nutrition, my papa wants to know so that he can fix it. I currently eat Science Diet Kitten. Or is this normal? Thanks everycat!


  • eva pennyeva penny chehalisMember Posts: 528
    edited 8 December, 2006
    I don't know what causes it, other than food (mol) but I have one too. Mine sounds like it's bigger than yours but I've had it since I came to my new family (at 12 weeks) The Vet hasn't been at all concerned but mom was a little so she bought a laser pointer and man did it make a big difference! I play with the "little red light" for 10-15 mins. a day and have lost a little pooch. Mostly mom's noticed a difference in muscle mass. I may not be lean but I am pretty buff as far as kittens go.
  • Desiree JohnsonDesiree Johnson RosevilleMember Posts: 3,736
    edited 8 December, 2006
    It's called a spay sway!Or a neuter sway.You get it after "the" surgery!
  • Shelley CoxShelley Cox CarbondaleMember Posts: 2,752
    edited 8 December, 2006
    It's Stella. I got one, too, and it's bigger than a "pooch"--it's a whole dog. ;-) Since my spaying surgery I have been eating like a maniac, crying for food at odd times, and really packing on the pounds. I am by nature a long sleek cat but I have a belly on me now. Because they have to cut muscles when they spay you, female cats can get kind of loose here, but I've got fat there too. If I hadn't been fixed, you would think I am pregnant. My person thinks we should switch to low-cal food, because Delyte is a big hefty guy too, but the vet says you can't feed a kitten younger than one diet food. So I got four more months to eat good food, then it's on a diet, I guess.
  • eva pennyeva penny chehalisMember Posts: 528
    edited 8 December, 2006
    I've heard that feeding only canned food can also help, it helps us to feel full faster so we don't eat as much.
  • Amy LastAmy Last San DiegoMember Posts: 59
    edited 8 December, 2006
    I have a big pooch and I am not taking about my dog sister, Roxi... mom tells me that I am a very lucky girl because my pooch is because I have big boobies, I have 13 nipples on my "pooch" and it sways to and fro when I run. Mom laughs when I run up the stairs because my booies are at least one step behind my back legs. Consider yourself fortunate, many kitties are not as fortunate as you are in that department. -Z'oui
  • Melissa FordMelissa Ford Santa CruzMember Posts: 3,914
    edited 8 December, 2006
    You need to make sure to get plenty of exercise. Have mom or dad chase you around the house, or better yet, you chase them. Get a toy that requires you to be active, not just laying on the floor swatting w/ your paw. Although you shouldn't go on a "diet" you can switch foods. Ask your vet if you can start feeding an adult diet. There is less fat in adult foods. Try switching to an all canned diet. Beside providing superior hydration, it also has more meat and less carbs. Cats tend to consume less when on a canned diet.
  • Mitch CarterMitch Carter ChattanoogaMember Posts: 11
    edited 9 December, 2006
    Thanks everyone. I will tell papa. However, I am thin as a rail otherwise. In fact, my papa is surprised at how small I am. I will have papa give my vet a call, and see if it may be time to put me on adult cat food.
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