I -think- I\'m home now! *crosses paws*

Kimi HKimi H SunderlandMember Posts: 2,257
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Remember Jake's human, who was wondering about adding a new kitty? Well, she found me sooner than expected! The human explains: It was kind of serendipitous. My mom and dad went on vacation and hired the woman who worked at the vet where my previous kitten (who died after a long illness) was treated. Kismet, the kitten, came up in conversation, and I said I was in the market for a new kitty now. Immediately she said "OH I know just the one!" And so, today I picked up this darling little fellow. So far, it's been a teensy bit rough (nothing we can't handle!). The owner was kind of eager to be rid of him so I got pretty much no information... I showed up at the door and she shoved a kitty at me and we left. He got very sick in the car, pooped in it because he was so upset and then proceeded to unload an entire tummy's worth of food. Poor guy is currently a smelly mess. He won't let me clean him (can you blame him? he has no clue what's going on) so I reluctantly locked him in the utility room where his litterbox, food, and water all are, so that he can calm down, learn where his things are, and hopefully wash himself off before he gets on anything else since he already walked on the table with pukey toes, lol! No big, that's what soap and water are for. :3 I'm totally excited! Going to leave the house for a bit, I promised to have lunch with my sister and this will let him and the dog cool it, because my excitement is making her keyed up. Hopefully when I get back we can all make a calm, collected attempt at Introductions Part Two.


  • Stephanie LitosStephanie Litos Member Posts: 210
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    Welcome to your new home! I'm so sorry you were so nervous, but I'm sure you will calm down and feel at home in no time. Purrs!
  • Anja R- D'AmbrosioAnja R- D'Ambrosio MapleMember Posts: 668
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    Give yourself some time,and everything will be fine! So happy you have your forever home! You'll be okay in no time...all kitties ans cats go thru a period of adjustement,it's all too normal...congrats and love GRisu'
  • Kimi HKimi H SunderlandMember Posts: 2,257
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    Thank you Catsters! :3 Well, since I've just discovered that on top of the desk is THE place to be, I will tell you a little more about my incredible story... or, well, on second thought, I'm kind of sleepy, so I think I'll purr myself into a nap and let my new mom tell you about it... ZZzzz... PHEW! What a day, guys! This poor little man (I haven't thought of the perfect name for him yet) has had one heck of a week. For starters, he recently got neutered, as in a few days ago. Then I went to go pick him up... er, and there was a slight difference between what I expected and what happened. There wasn't a lot of questions or information exchange or learning what he was eating, his likes and dislikes, personality, and whether he was reliably litterbox-trained yet. It was more along the lines of she met me at the door with a kitty, and said "he has mites so you'll need to get him some medicine for his ears" and um... well that was that. I took him to the vet that had prescribed the meds to pick them up, and the lady working there seemed pretty happy I had adopted him. "Oh, he'll be so much better off with you" I think were her words. I don't think that lady was a bad person, I just think she didn't know much about cats or care to have a stray kitten wished on her. She cared enough to get him fixed and find him a home (probably figured it was a good one because the vet vouched for me!) but I think that was kind of where her interest ended. But anyway, so of course the first thing that happened was he got carsick. And I mean he pooped in the carrier (stress perhaps) and then proceeded to eject an entire tummyfull of kibble all over the crate and his paws and tail and a bit on his chest. Poor baby! The car + full tum = baaaad times. So I took him home and Eppy was curious but stressed (she always freaks out at first over change, even changes she grows to enjoy later, so this was all expected). He was done in from the bad car ride only to get stuck in some strange place with a strange woman and a strange dog. He glued himself to my leg for a while, then picked a hiding spot from whence he could survey the situation. I didn't want to stress him more by trying to clean him off, so I put him in the utility room, to learn where his litter and food were and to hopefully calm down and clean himself off. Then I came home and Eppy, naturally, had pooped on the rug to display her displeasure. The new fellow was still unsure of everything but eager to explore and insistent that I not be out of sight. He likes the dangly rainbow string toy. He does not like being on the other side of any door. I think he may have named himself Duffy. We can call him Fluffy Duffy, because he feels like a cloud. He's a pretty boy, too. I said I'd take him on a "trial basis" but um, yeah, I'm pretty sure this cat's not going anywhere, ever.
  • Jill McWhiteJill McWhite Duke City, Land of EnchantmentMember Posts: 1,098
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    Duffy! Yay! Welcome home, and welcome to Catster. I am sure it will take a few days for you to feel comfortable, but soon you will realize that your life has changed for the better. I cannot believe that someone would just hand you over without the any exchange of info. Oh well, on to bigger and better. I am so happy for you, and your mommy. Eppy too. Keep us posted, and congrats on your new place of residence. PS-you are such a handsome little guy.
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