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Affordable Food To Lose Weight?

Wanda ScottWanda Scott NanaimoMember Posts: 152
edited 22 March, 2010 in Food & Nutrition
My cats are fat. We had been free feeding because Tequila always had problems keeping weight on, but now that she's gone, I'm starting a feeding schedule to get the other two's weight down. We've been feeding Special Kitty dry food for hairball control (the cats tend to get terrible hairballs). It's pretty much the cheapest food. I don't have a lot of money, especially this month, to spend on cat food. But since we're not free feeding now, I suspect it'll start lasting longer. Are there any affordable cat foods - preferably dry; Twitch isn't fond of wet food and will only eat it if he's really hungry - in Canada that will help them lose weight and keep them healthy? Mockqua is a senior, but Twitch isn't. Is it okay to feed them both the same food? Or should I be getting senior food for one, and normal food for the other? Also, I'm in Canada. So the food has to be available in Canada.


  • Tina BTina B Vancouver IslandMember Posts: 2,238
    edited 22 March, 2010
    Hi Mockqua:-h you are my neighbour, I guess you did not see my post in the other section? The best thing you can do for feline obesity and the other problem you are having is a wet food, now you say that you dont have alot of money, so how about a lower priced canned cat food, these are better than dry anyday. There is also ways to transition your cat so he does like wet food. If you do feed a better food then you are saving money by not having to take your cat to the vets. You have quite a few good stores up your way as I said in your other post. I urge you to read the site Keep in touch ok, and any more questions , there is lots of helpfuls catsters here :) Here is the list of cheaper wet foods, note only certain flavours. Whiskas Savory Ground pate - Chicken dinner, Mealtime, Bits 0 beef, Turkey and Giblets,( not Whiskas in gravy) The savory ground is vegetable and grain free. 9 Lives - Chicken dinner, Chicken and Tuna dinner, Turkey dinner, Chicken & Seafood dinner, Liver &Bacon Dinner, Prime grill with Beef. Friskies- Supreme Supper, mixed grill, Country style dinner, Poultry platter, Turkey and Giblets dinner. Pro Plan- Adult Chicken& liver entree, adult Turkey & Giblets entree The following are Fancy Feast flavors contain NO wheat gluten and are below 10% carbs: * Tender Beef Feast (brown label color) * Tender Beef & Liver Feast (magenta) * Tender Beef & Chicken Feast (red) * Gourmet Chicken Feast (dark careful, this looks just like another chicken variety with gluten!) * Turkey & Giblets Feast (olive green) * Tender Liver & Chicken Feast (orange) * Chopped Grill Feast (kelly green) * Flaked Fish & Shrimp Feast (true blue) * Savory Salmon Feast (orange) * Flaked Ocean Fish Feast (pink) * Tuna and Oceanfish Feast in Aspic (teal label) *Remember that it is a good idea to limit serving fish to just a few times a week. (Fish contributes to bladder issues, so it is recommended to feed fish based (first 3-4 ingredients) only 1-2 times a week, this goes for dry food as well.
  • Heather ThompsonHeather Thompson BountifulMember Posts: 3,652
    edited 22 March, 2010
    I agree with what Shadow has says the best option would be a wet/canned food not a dry. Please visit this site Feline Obesity it has a TON of great information on obesity and diet. I know since I quit free feeding, and started feeding canned food, my 2 pudgy cats are slimming down quite nicely and at a 'normal' rate.
  • Wanda ScottWanda Scott NanaimoMember Posts: 152
    edited 22 March, 2010
    Sorry about that, Shadow. With everything that went on with Tequila I completely forgot I had posted about Mockqua. Thank you both for the information - especially that list. It will prove to be very helpful :)
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