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Lamb and Rice Formula

Lisa HoweLisa Howe ToledoMember Posts: 513
edited 11 December, 2006 in Food & Nutrition
The vet told mom to switch me to a Lamb and Rice (they have to be the first ingredients) Eukanuba makes it, but they only make a 12.2 pd. bag, mom switched all of us, we all eat together. It will cost mom $45-50 a month for our food and she just can't afford it, she will if she has to, but she's hoping someone knows of a food other then Eukanuba, she can't order online. Iams was making one, but they discontinued it, plus all the bad things she's heard aboutIams she would rather not use it. The vet will not special order anything for me either.


  • Susan MavesSusan Maves MaconMember Posts: 6,697
    edited 9 December, 2006
    Hey BW, any particular reason your vet suggested lamb & rice? By the way, Iams and Eukanuba are the same company, so if you were trying to avoid Iams for reasons other than food quality...just an FYI. Nutro makes a lamb formula in their Natural Choice Complete Care line. The first ingredient and main source of protein is actually chicken meal, but there is lamb meal, also, and rice. It's an all natural food; no artificial flavors or colors, no chicken by-products, and no corn (other than gluten, which is a protein and the only part of corn that is digestible) and very healthy. Also, it comes in a 20lb bag. If you have a Petsmart or Petco near you, they will have it (Petsmart will be less expensive). Independent stores carry Nutro also, and if they don't have the lamb, some of them might be willing to special order it for you. Also, if you don't like it, or if it doesn't do whatever you need it to do, you can take it back (even the empty bag) for a full refund.
  • Melissa FordMelissa Ford Santa CruzMember Posts: 3,914
    edited 9 December, 2006
    BW, If you look down a couple of threads, Nutro is offering free bags of food. This may be a good way for you to try it. Most ocf the companies offer a refund if the pet doesn't like the food, so check when you purchase. I think Petsmart has a Lamb and rice food (Authority). I have never used this food, so I can't recommed it.
  • Jana PhillipsJana Phillips RaleighMember Posts: 846
    edited 10 December, 2006
    Another thing about Eukanuba Lamb and rice is that it has chicken in it.....which defeats the purpose of it, lol. Definatley try the Nutro Lamb or even the Authority (Petsmart brand) lamb and rice. Nutro makes Authority for petsmart, so the ingredients are practically identical.
  • Lisa HoweLisa Howe ToledoMember Posts: 513
    edited 11 December, 2006
    I have EGC Eosinophilic Granuloma Complex, they think a food allery causes it, I have really thick scabs, it's really bad and itchy, I itch so bad I bleed, plus I have a ulcer on my tongue which is another form of EGC, it's called a Rodent Ulcer, so the vet at PetSmart said to use Lamb and Rice, it seems to be helping, plus I got a steroid shot and finally the vet put me on another antibiotic.
  • Melissa FordMelissa Ford Santa CruzMember Posts: 3,914
    edited 11 December, 2006
    BW, You are probably feeling better from the steroid injection. Food trials tend to take 6-8 weeks before you notice a difference. The goal w/ food trials is to find a food that you have never eaten before. Often times it's the protein source causing the issue, such as chicken or beef, but the carb source can do it too. Common ones are corn and rice. In our hosp. we recommend Eukanuba LB (Lamb/Barley), Royal Canin (duck/green pea, rabbit/green pea, lamb/green pea or venison/green pea). Royal CAnin also makes another hypoallergenic diet...Hypoallergenic HP23. The Eukanuba only comes in a canned formula, but the Royal Canin has both canned and dry. Make sure you feed only the specified diet. No other treats or snacks for at least 6 weeks.
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